Swery’s Murder Mystery RPG Good Life finally has a release date

beautiful lifeThe game developed by White Owls and led by Swery (creator of Deadly Premonition) and Yukio Futatsugi (creator of Panzer Dragoon and Phantom Dust) finally has a release date.

According to a new press release, this peculiar “daily life RPG” will land on Xbox, PlayStation, Switch and PC on October 15th-three years after the game has reached its initial crowdfunding goal. The Good Life found itself as a new publisher and received a new release window in June, indicating that the game is about to launch after a series of delays.

Swery himself calls this game a “daily life role-playing game”, and in many ways it looks and sounds like an animal crossing with a side dish of a murder mystery. This is great for us.

In the game, you will play Naomi Hayward, a journalist who is heavily in debt. In order to help pay the bill, she accepted the request of the Morning Bell to “unveil the mystery of a small British town named Rainy Woods.”

In this peculiar little town, the locals somehow turned into cats and dogs at night, and there is also a murderer who is at large in the town. Although all this looks idyllic (you can grow vegetables in the garden, learn cooking skills, explore and drink in a local bar), the city also has a dark side.

Naomi has acquired the ability to become a cat or a dog. She needs to use the power of her canine/feline to help her investigation: becoming a cat will give you the ability to jump and climb, and becoming a dog will allow you to use you A keen sense of smell to track the residents of the town.

It sounds like other Swery games at the time, as bizarre and creatively dull-the colors are interesting to us.