Switch OLED Review-Play with Portable Power

Nintendo often strives to iterate its existing consoles, usually with varying degrees of success. Nintendo Switch is no stranger to iteration. Lite and upgraded battery models have appeared on store shelves in the past four years. Switch OLED is the latest update of the company’s flagship handheld game console hybrid. Although people who mainly play games on TV should not feel the need to buy the system on the first day, handheld game consoles will benefit from the shiny new update. maximum.

The main attraction of the upgrade comes from the function of the same name in the new system; the OLED screen is a miracle. When you start the system for the first time and the Nintendo logo appears, the color fidelity is very clear. Although I really enjoyed playing Metroid Fear on a 4K TV, I was fascinated by the title in handheld mode because of the clear black and white and the color palette that really took advantage of contrast enhancement. This visual fidelity is not limited to Nintendo’s most famous 2021 release. During my testing of Eastward and Unsighted, pixel art and colors popped off the screen. Hyrule presents a more beautiful light in “The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”. Like the launched Switch, the OLED model is still 720p, which may sound disappointing, but when I came into contact with the system, it was quickly forgotten. The overall quality difference is significant. I think of the upgrade from Xbox One to Xbox One X. I’m still playing the same game, but the additional improvements in color fidelity and polish make me happy to return to my current library on the go. This renewed interest is especially refreshing, because my Switch has been out of power for most of the past six months.

Contrast enhancement is not the only bright spot of Nintendo’s new screen. The latest model is equipped with a 7-inch display, which is 0.8 inches larger than the original Switch and 1.5 inches larger than the Switch Lite. This does not sound like a big change on paper, but it is very different in implementation. The size of the OLED is roughly the same as the size of the emitting Switch, but the smaller frame makes room for a larger screen. In high-level action games like Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the extra space is obvious. I think I can get rid of the chaos and focus on my character better because the screen is bigger. Combining this with the aforementioned color enhancements, Switch games have never been better. Players looking for handheld upgrades will not be disappointed.

quality improvement

I am a person who can stand up and play his Switch. I like OLED’s new speakers and stand. Unlike the cheap plastic strips that caused anger-induced headaches when trying to enjoy 1v1 matches during Super Smash Bros.’s Final Destination stage, the updated stand can now stretch the length of the console and provide better support for the system. I have experienced several times when I took a plane, I tried to use a standalone Joy-con to play my Launch Switch, but I ended up putting it away because the console either kept falling over or I couldn’t adjust the angle properly. Gone are those days, because the new adjustable stand can adapt to any angle while remaining upright and strong.

The sound quality of the Switch OLED has also been improved. Compared with the relatively tin-like audio of the original console, the new speaker has a fuller sound. It won’t replace my soundbar anytime soon, but I like to play Metroid on the bed or balcony and get a more enjoyable sound experience.

Couch lazy

However, those who like to beat their Smash on the big screen don’t have much expectations for this model. Both OLED and non-OLED Switch models run on NVIDIA’s custom Tegra processor, which means that game performance, loading time, and previous limitations will continue to Nintendo’s latest hardware. The excitement of buying a new game console quickly disappeared. When I docked the new console, I found the same menus and problems that have plagued the system since 2017.

However, this is not all bad news for the residents on the couch. The shiny new base has basically the same function as the previous TV connector (minus a USB 2.0 port). However, the built-in LAN port is a good addition. I am very happy to be able to dock my Switch OLED and download Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle instead of tracking the extension like before, which takes half the time of Wi-Fi. I also benefit from the wired connection and the overall smoother online experience when playing multiplayer games such as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. This is a welcome addition, even if it is not groundbreaking, Switch players will love it.

Switch OLED is also equipped with 64GB of internal storage space, twice the size of the previous model. Combining the new storage space with my 128GB micro SD, I can download most of my library while leaving room for upcoming games such as Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp and Pokémon Legends: Arceus . Although the extra storage space and LAN port may not be worth the $350 price point for those who already stock up on dongles and SD cards, these fancy prices are worth it for me because of my launch switch Start showing its age.

Final grade: B

Pure and simple, Nintendo Switch OLED is the best console version on the market today, suitable for those who don’t plug in games. The screen is definitely a miracle. When my interest began to diminish, its bright colors and larger game space reignited my love for the system. As someone who owns Launch Switch and mainly plays non-docking games, adding more storage space, longer battery life, a LAN port and a stable bracket justify the investment. Although all these new additions are great for like-minded Nintendo fans, the lack of meaningful processing upgrades or 4K support makes the $350 cost a difficult selling point for those who like Princess Peach on the big screen.