Switch’s Overwatch 2 can come with a technical “compromise,” Blizzard said.

By Dom Peppiatt
June 28, 2021 15:42 GMT

A few Overwatch 2 Developers from Blizzard I attended another big Reddit AMA this week, but this time how Nintendo switch The game version is different from other platforms.

During ~ Reddit Overwatch 2 AMA, A member of Overwatch 2’s Blizzard development team said the game is likely to make a “promise” when it comes to working with the Nintendo Switch.

“Hardware advances since the launch of Overwatch have extended the OW2 engine with higher-end features,” John Lafleur said when asked by Reddit Switch users how the game would be handled in the future. (Thank you, TheGamer). “But even in PvE, we strive to get the best experience on all platforms.”

Lafleur also said that Switch versions of the game cannot be promised to arrive at the same time as other platforms.

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“Switching is a bit more difficult than some, so you have to compromise there. So you may not see some of the high-end visual enhancements. First, make sure you incorporate all the features related to gameplay. Then focus on emphasizing with additional features as much as possible. “

Lafleur also made some updates on the game’s cross-progression, noting that it will only be added to the title when cross-play is fully functional on other platforms.

Overwatch 2 has no release date yet and no release period. But if you want to know more about the game, Blizzard has recently unveiled a few hours of PvP gameplay, revealing many changes such as reducing the number of players to 5v5 and limiting the number of tanks to one. You will be delighted to know what you have done. For each team.

The developers also suggested that Overwatch 2 be in beta, perhaps even a ping system.

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