Sylveon joins Pokemon UNITE-My Nintendo News

Slyveon can now be played in Pokémon UNITE on Nintendo Switch and mobile phones. This Pokémon is a long-range attacker, and it is always ready to let the opponent succumb. Sylveon starts every game with Eevee, which will evolve into Sylveon in Lv. 4. The detailed information here comes directly from Pokémon Joint Website.

Sylvin’s move

“In Lv. 1 and Lv. 2. Eevee learns Swift and Baby-Doll Eyes. Swift is an attack that shoots star-shaped rays at the opponent’s Pokémon, causing damage to it. When using the doll’s eyes, Ibrahimovic stares at the opponent Pokémon, causing damage and reducing the attack and movement speed of the opponent’s Pokémon for a short time when the move hits.

When Eevee reaches Lv. 4 And evolved into Sylveon, Swift can be upgraded to one of two actions-mysterious fire or supersonic speed.

Mystical Fire allows Sylveon to generate four small flames while advancing in the specified direction. The flame shot at the opponent’s Pokémon one by one, causing damage and reducing the opponent’s Pokémon’s Sp. Attack briefly when hit. Each time the flame hits, the cooldown time of the move will be reduced. This attack can also be upgraded to increase the number of flames by one.

Hyper Voice releases multiple sound waves, which cause damage when they hit. The higher the damage they cause, the further away the target is from Sylveon. Every time you hit a sonic wave, the damage of the next sonic wave will increase. Like Xuanhuo, this attack can also be upgraded, adding 1 sonic wave.

In Lu. 6. Baby’s eyes can be upgraded to a dry kiss or a cool head.

When Sylveon uses Draining Kiss, it will blow kisses to the opponent’s Pokémon. The kiss moved between Sylvan and the other’s Pokémon many times. When the kiss touches Sylvan, it will restore Sylvan’s HP. When the kiss hits the opponent’s Pokémon, it will damage it and reduce its movement speed for a short time. Draining Kiss can also be upgraded to increase the amount of HP it recovers from Sylveon.

Calm Mind asked Sylveon to concentrate quietly and calm his mind to increase his Sp. Attack power, Sp. Def, and the speed of movement in a short period of time. After Calm Mind is upgraded, Sylveon can completely offset the damage caused by the opponent’s Pokémon moves. This neutralization can only happen once every time Calm Mind is used. If it succeeds, Sylveon will then receive a shield. “

SYLVEON’s joint action, fairies play

“Use Sylveon’s Unite Move, Fairy Frolic, to show your opponent how invincible you are. It is at Lv. 8. This attack makes Sylveon jump into the air, making it temporarily invincible. The moment Sylveon hits the ground, it will Inflict damage to the opponent Pokémon in the area of ​​effect and restore your own HP. In a short period of time thereafter, a certain percentage of the damage caused by Sylvan will be converted into health, which will benefit Sylvan.

Sylveon is ready to sing his opponent and kiss goodbye to the game. Go to the Unite Battle Committee store today to get a Unite license from Sylveon! “