Tactical roguelike Synthetik 2 will be released in November

The original Synthetik was a shooting game, which put a lot of thought into shooting behavior. It has an active reloading and recoil mechanism designed to stop running and shooting, as well as guns that may get stuck or overheat-it really wants you to feel the action of pulling the trigger. In addition, you are another 1985 robot, fighting against the robot servant of the Robot God, just in case you are worried that this is a boring game of critical realism.

Synthetik 2 was initially announced when it was scheduled to release an early access version in August, but it had to be postponed. Berlin studio Flow Fire Games has now announced that Synthetik 2 will enter the Early Access version on November 11th, with a new trailer that reiterated the story setting before entering the goodies. The good thing I mean is to give up the beat when a lot of robots are shot down. There is a spinning saw blade enemy, which looks like it came out of the disc room, and a jet plane. I believe it will be fun to shoot from the sky.