Tavern Master is like a beautiful night without a hangover preview:

As a lover of beer, wine, and usually wandering in dirty bars, I suspect that the upcoming medieval strategy simulation tavern master will be on my street.game There is a demo in Steam’s Next fest Fans of Yes, Your Grace will appreciate the daily money and time management aspects of Tavern Master as you weigh expanding the bar, adding more seats, or simply refilling the barrel.

In order to expand your organization, you need to research various topics, such as opening the kitchen, lemonade buckets, and hiring more waitresses. You can also choose who to hire, everyone has their own bonus, such as attractive +7 customers or carrying eight bottles of beer at once. After so many shifts, you will be able to upgrade your employees, although you need to pay attention to their happiness. A waitress with a bad attitude will not make money for you.

When building your bar, there are some practical things to consider, such as the lighting arrangement and the construction of the kitchen. When you unlock the kitchen, you will be rewarded with a huge amount of gold coins, allowing you to purchase all kinds of starting equipment needed to start making orders. Just don’t forget to buy a plate cabinet like I did, because your chef will stand facing the wall like he has given up. In the Middle Ages, they didn’t seem to like to use plate substitutes such as shoes or roof slabs to deliver food…

(Image source: Untitled Studio)

The demo allows you to research how to unlock lemonade, add a waitress and more customers, but eventually you will be able to unlock new features, wine and milk barrels, and even a weapon shop. I hope that after the release on November 16th, I will be able to create a one-stop shop for everything related to wine, wine and weapons, because it sounds like a good place to start a chain. I think I will call it desert beer, we only sell spontaneously fermented beer, thank you very much.