Tchia is a soul jumping game inspired by New Caledonian culture

At first glance, Tchia seems to be a very modest game about a girl exploring the island, petting crabs and talking with old fishermen.Then she sneaked close to a seagull and owned it as if she was from SpiritSomehow, this did not make Tchia look less healthy, as you can see in the new trailer for the game above.

Tchia was inspired by life on the island of New Caledonia, where Phil Crifo and Thierry Boura, co-founders of developer Awaceb, both grew up. The team hopes to make something that even people who are completely unfamiliar with the culture will like.

New Caledonia is part of the Southwest Pacific near Australia, but has been a French territory since the 1850s. The area was originally inhabited by the Lapitas, some archaeologists believe that they are the ancestors of the Polynesians and Melanesians. New Caledonia was “discovered” by Europeans in 1774. British navigator James Cook named the area New Caledonia because it reminded him of his hometown of Scotland. Fast forward to modern times, New Caledonia is mainly Kanak (a subgroup of Melanesians), but is influenced by the sports culture of Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and other countries.

(Image source: Awaceb)

So what are you doing at Tchia? You play as a young girl who has the ability to “soul jump” to any object or animal in the world. Want a bird’s eye view of the island? The soul jumped into the seagull. Need to dig treasures? The dog’s claws may help, or the crab’s claws may untie the chain. Tchia can even jump into turtles and swim in the sea. You will use these abilities to solve puzzles, deal with bad guys, and explore natural and man-made environments.

Tchia’s top priority will be to see her deal with some threats called “Meavora”. Judging from a few photos of the smoking factory, I bet it has something to do with humans encroaching on nature and messing everything up. Crifo said Awaceb Taking a lot of inspiration from Hayao Miyazaki’s Ghibli film, which fits this theory very well.

(Image source: Awaceb)

Tchia also played an ukulele, she will be out at certain moments in the game, in which you will play rhythm games and select notes from the radial menu, as in Part 2 of The Last of Us. Tchia’s cast will be dubbed by local actors in the traditional local language. The Kanak Chorus will provide support for the soundtrack.