Telltale Games, is currently developing Wolf 2, among us, sharing plans for 2022

About two years have passed since Telltale Games announced its return. The company, composed of some employees from the former studio and led by a new team, announced the follow-up to “The Wolf Among Us” during the 2019 Game Awards. Then things seemed to calm down, leading many people to speculate about how the newly reformed studio is doing it. However, Telltale has recently been very outspoken about the state of its project and the studio itself. The latest post on Telltale’s official Twitter account lists the studio’s recent milestones and what it hopes to achieve in the near future. It started with: “Telltale is back.” Then, this article continues to assure readers that while striving to stay true to the Telltale tradition, the company is changing the status quo and getting rid of the problems that plagued the original studio.

The most eye-catching part of the message is probably the part near the end, which details what will happen next. It looks like we will hear more about Wolf 2 among us soon. As you read below, the post states that the team will be ready to reveal more information “when we can study things in more depth early next year.”

Although we are happy to hear about Telltale’s upcoming sequel, the studio has more projects coming soon. Announced at The Game Awards a few weeks ago, The Expanse: A Telltale Series will be adapted from the popular Amazon TV show and jointly developed with Life is Strange: True Colors studio Deck Nine. These two developers have a strong history of storytelling, which makes us look forward to the title.