Terra Nil is a city builder for ecosystem restoration, not expansion.

By Dom Pepiat
June 7, 2021 17:20 GMT

the publisher Devolver Digital And developers Free life Announced Terra NilA city construction game that focuses on restoration, not expansion.

City construction games usually have very high expectations for you. If you don’t consume natural resources to expand your empire, you will fail.

Whether you reach late-stage capitalism, exploit workers’ labor, or simply brute force the way to the top to reach your resource-storing goals, these games Is not the most environmentally friendly in the world.

Enter Terra Nil. A new initiative by Broforce developers, trying to upset this genre with a greedy consumerist mind.

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“The open-ended strategy goes through multiple stages of restoration, including biodiversity development, climate modification, and even recycling of the buildings that players used to get there,” the game press release said. Says.

To be successful, you need to cross the planet and restore different geographic areas.

“Navigate a vast procedurally generated map in a lush, hand-painted environment where everything but the rocks move and breathe,” the release continues. “Restore the world’s climate with unique weather patterns from different regions and beautiful, meditative reactive soundtracks and audio palettes.”

It certainly sounds like a breath of fresh air (no puns intended) compared to the overt businessman traps of a stable companion in the genre.

The game will be released “soon” on Steam, but there is no release date set at this time. Please see this Steam page.

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