Terraria and Famine will cross this month

Last month, a News posts The developers from the Minecraft-style 2D handmade game Terraria include a surprise GIF Terraria Boss Eye of Cthulhu appeared in the multiplayer version of Don’t Starve Together in the Tim Burton-style multiplayer survival game. Then there is Klei, the developer of Don’t Starve Together, Posted on Twitter the gif of their boss monster Antlers appearing in Terraria, Before confirming, yes, the crossover is in progress.

Now Klei has revealed the release date Eye for an Eye, An update for Don’t Starve Together to be released on November 18. “They will certainly not build existing airplanes like they did before,” Klei wrote. “A small accident put the Terraria world in quite…continuous danger, and it is breaking the constants apart in an unprecedented way! Both survivors and Terraria must be vigilant… after all, who Know what cracks when the two worlds collide that might be missed?”