Tesla no longer allows drivers to play games

CNN Report Tesla chose to give up allowing drivers to play video games while driving Tesla The car after the federal safety investigation showed something that should be obvious from the beginning: It is not safe to play video games while driving.

This feature is called “passenger game” and allows passengers to interact with the touch screen and play games while the car is driving. Although Tesla clearly stated that this feature is only for passengers, the driver can still play games even when the car is moving. This triggered a federal investigation, leading Tesla to take the latest steps to update all existing cars to disable passenger playback while the car is in motion.

Tesla’s actions are meaningful in different aspects, but there is a major problem in the middle. The brand has always been young people-oriented and is known as the future of cars, so the integration of video games is certainly an attractive prospect. An obvious problem is the distraction factor. If the driver is playing games while driving, the possibility of an accident will increase dramatically. This even applies to whether the front seat passenger is playing a game. This feature of Tesla sterilization is the right choice, but it should not be implemented as it is now, and the reason should be obvious.

When the Passenger Play feature was first released, it brought some games, such as Cuphead and Fallout Shelter, which confused many people in the gaming industry, because again, the danger should be obvious.