Test drive Unlimited Solar Crown PS4 and Xbox One versions cancelled, game delayed until 2023

Test drive the Infinite Sun Crown Not only was it delayed until 2023, but the PS4 and Xbox One versions were also canceled.

According to Nacon, the delay will allow KT Racing to make it “the most polished gaming experience in the franchise” by spending more time on its development.

KT Racing will also use the additional development time to optimize the game and keep players more engaged. The plan is to schedule a closed beta, which will allow the team to gather feedback to continuously improve the quality of the game until it’s released.

As far as the cancellation of the current release is concerned, the studio says its goal is to make the most of the technology found in the latest consoles, thereby maximizing the overall quality of the game.

As previously announced, the race takes place in Hong Kong and promises to preserve the “DNA of the series”, based on a love of “beautiful cars and the joy of driving in a 1:1 scale reproduction of a luxury island world”. The game will also go further, offering new experiences and offering 550km of roads in a “playground of infinite fun” that includes everything Hong Kong has to offer.

In it, you will compete against others in the Sun Crown race, attended by wealthy luxury car enthusiasts. Two lavish sights emerged in the city, and two families formed: Streets and Sharps.

Each clan wants to impose its own style on the city, and you will choose to align with yourself to “help defend its way of life”. Each clan has a party headquarters where you can celebrate victories and find new quests.

The Streets’ culture has a more underground vibe, gathered in an old building they took over for the Sun Crown competition. It is located in the Wanchai Industrial Zone in the north-central part of the island.

As for the Sharps, they have taken over the top floor and balcony of a West End mansion.

Each HQ has a “Public” area that all players can enter, be it street or sharp, but also a VIP area, only open to “Prove Allegiance” clan members.

Originally set to release on September 22, the game will be released on PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store, as well as PS5, Switch and Xbox Series X/S.