Test flight over 120 ships in Star Citizen in the next two weeks

Star Citizen is an ever-evolving interstellar flight simulation game about driving an impressive spacecraft that you can buy with real hard-earned money. From today to December 1st, the 2951 Interstellar Aerospace Expo (IAE 2951) will be held. ).

Normally, to get rid of the shackles of a space cruiser in Star Citizen, you must pay at least $45 to enter a more basic ship in the game. However, just like a real-life auto show (or a trip to almost any car dealership), IAE 2951 will let brave pilots test more than 120 different flyable ships from different fictional manufacturers. Every day of the event will focus on specific shipping companies and their products.

A press release issued by Cloud Imperium, the developer of “Star Citizen”, indicated that the “Six Famous Ship Display” will be exhibited at the Interstellar Aerospace Expo in 2951, which lists the “Heavy Armed Gunship” Aegis Savior, and Two variants of the Ares starfighter named Ion and Inferno. Also promised some surprises.

During the Expo, Star Citizens will be able to play freely, but the press release did not specify the capacity outside the Starship Conference.New pilots can go Game website registration Get an account and download the client to participate in IAE 2951.

For those who want to know when “Star Citizen” will be released, not yet. Since the start of crowdfunding in 2012, Cloud Imperium has been building new ships and features for its ambitious Wing Commander space follow-up project, and in the process raised funds by selling ships and subscriptions. In 2018, the game’s campaign mode announced a star-studded cast called Squadron 42. The story starring actors such as Mark Hamill, Gillian Anderson, Henry Cavill and Mark Strong has yet to see the light, and we don’t know when it will come.

Do you want to fly among the stars and test one of the many spacecraft of Interstellar Citizen? Have you invested in a space flight simulation game and have a story you want to share? Send all transmissions to the comments below!