That’s one-third of the three-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for Prime Day.

James Picard
June 22, 2021 17:09 GMT

It’s clear that Microsoft has recently introduced the Xbox Game Pass. Now is your chance to join a cheap game subscription service.

As part of the Amazon Prime Day sale $ 29.99 for a 3-month Xbox Game Pass Ultimate membership.. This saves 33% from the regular price.

If you’re already a member trying to replenish your existing subscription time at a lower cost, or come back after your membership expires, it’s a big deal.

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However, if you’ve never signed up for a Game Pass in the past, it’s an even more appealing offer. This is a new member now Only $ 1 for the first three months of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate..

The combination of the two saves just $ 30.99 for half a year on Xbox and PC games, for a total savings of about $ 60.

Now you need enough time to try out all the Bethesda games recently added to the service and make a fair amount of dents in the complete Yakuza series, all on the Game Pass. Just today, the co-op fighter Dark Alliance has also arrived on the Game Pass! Try Outer Wild and Monster Hunter World before you leave on July 1st.

Don’t miss this, as all Amazon Prime Day deals will expire at midnight tonight.

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