That’s why you can’t seem to hit anything in Battlefield 2042

If you don’t struggle Battlefield 2042 In the performance of your PC, you may have noticed that the weapon handling in the game feels somewhat different from the general gun mechanism. You will be happy to know that you are not the only one scratching your head, and most people feel this way for good reason.

The problem that many players have noticed-on the mouse and keyboard and on the controller (PC and game console)-is that when you aim at a target and shoot, the bullet does not always reach where you are aiming.

This random bullet deviation causes the bullet pattern to show a shape that is not always aligned with the target, so it is usually felt that the bullet falls around the target instead of on the target. Whenever you make the slightest movement (such as when strafing), the deviation becomes worse.

Of course, Battlefield 2042 is not the only game that severely penalizes shooting while moving, but the series does not always do this, and there is an argument that such a system may be unnecessary in a game of this size.

Coupled with all the server and network code issues encountered in the game release, the result is an inconsistent exchange of fire. In this case, getting a kill has never been truly satisfying.

This issue is currently the most widely discussed issue on the game subreddit. Many players even prove for themselves how ridiculous this can become.

One of the most popular posts today is this post. The question is clear at a glance and echoes my experience with many other players. Here, Reddit user Nicksbekko89 is using DMR, which should be much more accurate than an automatic assault rifle or SMG-except that it appears to suffer from the same disease.

There is really no way to reduce the flooding of the weapon, but it is a good idea to try to limit your movement while shooting, so that at least you won’t be affected the worst.

When the Early Access was released, DICE shared a large list of known issues in Battlefield 2042, which included everything from expert and map-specific errors to general UI issues, audio errors, crashes, and more. Speaking of startup problems, there are still many shortcomings in the game performance on PC, but you should try these settings adjustments to improve FPS.