The 11 best new movies from Netflix, Amazon, HBO Max and Hulu: October 2021

It’s finally October, and you know what it means: Halloween and pumpkin spice season. We finally ushered in the peak of autumn, with crispy leaves, weatherproof jackets, hot drinks and appropriate creepy decorations. This month we also have a batch of brand new movies that will be shown on Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max and Criterion Channel.

We have some creepy new movies in October, including the legendary 1931 Spanish version Dracula with Jennifer’s body Arriving on the standard channel, 1990s Flat shoes In Hulu and invisible Man Remake on HBO Max.If you happen to want something with lower seasonality, starting in 2020, we have many other good options to fill the blind spots Emma arrive Love from Russia.

Read on for the 11 best movies of the new streaming service launched in October.

Knight’s story

Image: Released by Sony Pictures

Knight’s story It was a bit of a failure when it was released in theaters, but it later became a cult classic. Heath Ledger pushes the narrative forward, as opposed to the smoldering Shannyn Sossamon, both of whom are backed by a peculiar modern soundtrack. For my money, all eyes should be on Paul Bettany, who behaves like a pathological version of Jeffrey Chaucer in every scene. –Charlie Hall

Knight’s story Now Playing Netflix.

Dracula (Spanish version)

Carlos Villarias plays Kant Dracula in Dracula (Spanish version)

Image: Universal Pictures

Polygon’s Chris Plante wrote on last year’s Halloween Advent calendar a Spanish version of “Dracula” adapted from Bram Stoker in 1931: a sexier one , A faster-paced version, shot on the same set as the original Tod Browning film, with a stunning leading performance by Carlos Villarías as the Count. Own. As we all know, this movie has been difficult to find for several years after it was released, and it was only recently available for purchase on home videos.As part of Announcing October’s streaming options, Criterion Channel added Spanish version Dracula And several other classic global horror films, such as the 1933 invisible Man, 1935’s Frankenstein’s Bride, And 1954 Creatures from the Black Lagoon. If you haven’t seen this masterpiece of an early horror movie, you should make time to take a look this month!

Dracula (Spanish version) Now Playing Standard channel.


Emma (Anja Taylor-Joy) is standing next to Harriet (Mia Goss) eating berries.

Photo: Focus function

The 2020 version of Emma is not just a decadent pastel dress and curly hair, it is also an adaptation that really questioned Emma as a mean girl she took for granted. Queen’s trick The star Anya Taylor-Joy has done a great job in portraying the anti-heroine. She is a boring rich girl who likes to matchmaking with everyone in the community and is keenly aware of social dynamics. It brings some advantages to this adaptation, but some people will lose the advantage, but the intense chemical reaction between Emma and Mr. Knightley still exists. Emma did grow into a character, but not before some wonderful misunderstandings. –Petrana Radulovic

Emma Now Playing HBO max.

Flat shoes

The weird and boring 2017 failure Flat shoes It’s just a pale shadow of the original 1990 edition, about a group of ambitious medical students (Kiefer Sutherland, Julia Roberts, Kevin Bacon, William Baldwin and Oliver Pratt’s all-star team) for Study the experience of “near death” and the results of horror movies. Directed by Joel Schumacher, at the peak of his stage of “Colored Light Filtering Equality Drama”, Flat shoes Fashionable and nervous, somehow elevating it above its tacky premise and equally tacky execution: everything from concept to performance is beyond the highest level, somehow making a pleasantly stupid watch. This is really creepy! –Tasha Robinson

Flat shoes Now Playing gourd.

Love from russia

James Bond may be an old-fashioned spy with outmoded morals, but Sean Connery’s dazzling eyes and disarming charm did make this 58-year-old action movie come out in 2021. According to Ian Fleming’s novel of the same name, the film finds that 007 is tit-for-tat against Specter and helps SMERSH operate flaws in the West. But Bond eventually became involved in the conspiracy. Together with Tatiana Romanova, he fought hard in trains, ship chases, and helicopter attacks to bring down SPECTRE. A movie with a bigger and more metaphorical opening than the franchise, No doctor, Love from russia It’s a classic example of how people in that era hated Fleming’s role, and why everyone from Roger Moore to Pierce Brosnan and Daniel Craig reviewed Connery as a perfectly calibrated action performance in this movie. An example of. -Matt Patch

Love from russia Now Playing gourd.


Picture: Buena Vista Picture

If you are speeding up watching Wes Anderson’s French dispatch Watch or rewatch later this fall Rushmore — A true modern classic. Strange character study, somehow crazy and warm at the same time. This is Jason Schwarzman’s breakthrough role, and perhaps one of Bill Murray’s best performances ever. It is also on our list of the most “pumpkin spice” movies of all time. —CH

Rushmore Now Playing gourd.

Jennifer’s body

Megan Fox played Jennifer in

Photo: 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment

Bloody but not free, sexy but not degrading, empowering but not pleased, Jennifer’s body This is a wonderful time (haha), somehow it’s just a movie. I, as a person who went to high school in that era, is still unpacking all the mixed messages about women’s friendship and empowerment that were packaged to me at that time. I need to watch this weekend. -Public Relations

Jennifer’s body Now Playing Standard channel.

Shadow Warrior

Picture: Standard Collection

Kurosawa’s samurai epic Shadow Warrior This is a beautiful and heartbreaking story about a humble thief who was saved from execution and hired to act as a stand-in for the dying lord of a large clan. As a nominal shadow warrior (“shadow warrior”), the thief must convince Takeda Shingen’s allies and enemies that his clan still has a capable leader and retain the deception of the clan. (You may notice some similarities with Ivan Reitman’s 1993 political comedy Dave Starring Kevin Kline and Sigourney Weaver, but Shadow Warrior It is a more serious matter. ) Gorgeous Shadow Warrior Featuring Kurosawa’s most impressive military battle, it is worth sticking to watch its three-hour run time. –Michael McWatt

Shadow Warrior Now Playing Standard channel.

Kill bill

Beatrice in a yellow jumpsuit poses with her sword in

Andrew Cooper/Miramax Films

Kill Bill: Volume 1 It is to splice 100 different movies into a wonderful, messy, and extremely entertaining whole, connected by a bottomless gorgeous borrowed well and an unstoppable sense of forward momentum. Every aspect, flashback, and tangent is for us to enter the final conflict: O-Ren Ishii (Lucy Liu) and Uma Thurman’s unnamed bride.Although this leaves Volume Two Carrying all the burdens of plot and character development, Tarantino spared the first half of his time and allowed him to reach the peak of his style.

Every ingenious trick Tarantino noticed in the movie, or his favorite fighting scene, or the strange choice he wanted to know if he could escape, was in Kill Bill: Volume 1. It’s like going through a movie channel at midnight: a Jackie Chan-style battle—glass explodes when touched, a cast-iron frying pan hits guns and knives every time—and then a hospital scene smeared with grime mills and rivals The animation is the ending origin story (produced by the outstanding IG Productions animation studio). Then, in the climax of trying to surpass everything before, the last quarrel of the film switched from color to black and white, then to silhouette shadows on a blue background, and then back to color for a snowy showdown. It is dazzling, disoriented, and perfect. —Austin Gosling

Kill Bill: Volume. 1 & 2 Now Playing HBO max.


Andy Garcia, Sean Connery, Kevin Costner and Charles Martin Smith in

Image: Paramount Pictures

Brian de Palma Selfless Kevin Costner plays Elliott Nes, a federal agent responsible for banning the notorious smuggler Al Capone and his criminal empire. Capone’s payroll secretly provided several suggestions to the police. Nath must recruit police trainee George Stone (Andy Garcia), accountant Oscar Wallace (Charles Martin Smith) and veteran. Jimmy Malone (Sean Connery) joins a special task force to deal directly with Capone and his cronies. This action is very good. A wonderful and unforgettable shootout was filmed at Chicago Union Station. Costner, Connery and Robert De Niro’s eye-catching performances were smoking cigars and mocking Alcapone himself. -exist

Selfless Now Playing gourd.

invisible Man

Elizabeth Moss has a mysterious handprint on the foggy door in

Image: Universal Pictures

Upgraded director Leigh Whannell’s contemporary remake invisible Man Star Elisabeth Moss (Elisabeth Moss)The Handmaid’s Tale) Plays Cecilia Kass, a woman who escapes from her abusive and wealthy ex-boyfriend Adrian (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), only to find out two weeks later that he has apparently ended her life. With $5 million left, Cecilia tried to rebuild her life, but still doubted whether Adrian was really dead. Being followed by an unknown being, Cecilia’s demeanor began to disintegrate as she became increasingly paranoid and fearful. Is someone really preying on Cecilia, or is it just in her head? Whannell upgraded the psychological aspect of the original story before introducing some truly creepy and impressive physical horror in the second half of the movie. -exist

The invisible man is live HBO max.