The 13 best horror movies on Netflix are now available

[Ghostface voice] Do you like horror movies? [Slightly less Ghostface voice] Do you have a Netflix account like 203 million other people on the planet? Then, logically, you might find yourself scrolling around looking for the best horror movies on the service.Unlike Jamie Kennedy Scream, We have the answer.

But, instead of struggling to deal with the ever-changing large number of movies coming in and out of the service every month, trying to separate the wheat from the chaff, let us provide you with a list prepared and curated by Polygon’s own resident terrorist organization. By.

We have cut our way through horror products on Netflix to find you a bunch of movies worth a night… alone…turn off the lights…of course… ..No one is looking at you…through the window…now…


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Fans of 1973 classic horror movies Wicker man (Let’s not talk about the 2006 Nicolas Cage version and its beeeeeees) Should be warned: Raid 2018 film directed by Gareth Evans apostle Deliberately start from the exact same place, and then bring the same scene to a bloodier and more vivid ending. The story takes place in 1905, and it opens with the addicted addict Thomas (Thomas) (Legion with guest Star Dan Stevens) received a letter saying that his sister was imprisoned by a cult on a remote island. So he pretended to enter a religious community that looked like an antique, but it was actually the kind of place where people often put their blood bowls in front of the door at night, and there were things crawling under the floor. Nervous, bloody, almost ridiculously excessive in some places, apostle There is a lot to say about the nature of religious fanaticism, whether it is the obedient flock being their leader saying what God wants, or the manipulator using as a weapon any person they can find who is willing to be led.But it’s not just Wicker man redux-it is a creative, ruthless rotation of the same idea, which leads to its own unique horror. –Tasha Robinson

Blood red sky


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Perry Baumeister Blood red sky Peri Baumeister plays Nadja, a mother who suffers from a frailty and takes her 10-year-old son Elias on board from Germany to the United States Overnight flights. When a group of highly organized terrorists caught up to the plane with the intention of redeeming the passengers as hostages, they violently attacked the plane. When Nadja was tortured by bloodthirsty and hunger, things became more and more out of control. She revealed that she was a vampire. In order to save her son, herself and the others on the boat, she attacked her kidnappers.Although the social commentary at the core of the film’s premise feels weak, the action and blood Blood red sky Exciting enough to make the concept of “vampires fighting on a plane” an interesting watch. -exist


Madeleine Brewer plays Alice, dressed in Cam sequins.

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Madeline Brewer plays Alice in Daniel Goldhaber’s Cam. She is an ambitious camera girl who desperately wants To be the coveted number one on the websites she visits. After a particularly intense performance, she woke up to find that her account had been taken over by a mysterious clone, who seemed to spare no effort to achieve goals that Alice herself could not achieve. When Alice tries to regain control of her show and reveal the identity of her imitator, she will have to deal with the consequences of mixing her offline and online identities. Cam It is a chilling psychological horror that makes the audience wonder, if any, how its heroine will overcome the horror that struck her life and survive. -exist

Evocation 2


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James Wan’s follow-up on 2013 spiritualism The story takes place six years after the original work. Paranormal investigators Lorraine (Vila Famiga) and Ed Warren (Patrick Wilson) travel to London to help Peggy Hodgson (Francis O’Connor), She is a mother of four children, and she believes that she and her family are troubled by the supernatural forces that occupy their home. Michael O’Sullian of The Washington Post wrote His 2016 review“[The Conjuring 2] Demonstrating a shrewd understanding of the expectations of modern audiences for ghost stories, bringing about gradually increasing fear, with alternating bursts of horror and laughter from time to time. ” -Towson Egan

Creep and creep 2

Creep 2-Mark Duplas holding a necklace


Leave it to independent darling Mark Duplas and his regular partner Patrick Bryce (overnight) Keep the horror movies that have been found will be released 15 years later Blair Witch Project. exist Creep, Joseph (Duplas) recruited cameraman Aaron (Bryce) from Craigslist with the purpose of filming a farewell letter to his unborn son. Joseph is dying…at least, that’s how he persuaded his new friend Aaron to drink whiskey with him in the woods.It’s better not to talk about these nonsense revelations and how Creep 2 Pick up the story, and Girls Actress Desiree Akhavan is even more exciting as a forward and center as a promising YouTube star.Creep It’s the crazy, internet-friendly terror franchise we deserve. —Member of Parliament

His house

A frightened black man sits in a foggy orange landscape with dark figures faintly visible in the background

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His house Turn the immigration trial into a shocking ghost story. London GangsSope Dirisu and Lovecraft CountryWunmi Mosaku plays a Sudanese couple seeking asylum in the UK, where they met supportive but not completely friendly social workers (including former Doctor Who Star Matt Smith) can’t accept that the home they get is haunted. Between the ghosts at home and the rigid system that prepares to send them back to a war-torn country, the couple struggles with their past and their highly suspicious future. —TR



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Home invasion movie from The troubles of Bligh Manor Creator and Sleep doctor Director Mike Flanagan Hush, A lean and mean function, the center of which is the struggle between a deaf-mute woman and a potential killer. McGrady (Kate Siegel, who is also the co-author of the film) lives alone in the woods, and after a man (John Gallagher Jr.) chases and kills one of her friends, she becomes the focus because McGrady didn’t notice that she could hear nothing. This is an amazing modern killer, even approved by Stephen King. —Member of Parliament

The platform

In a dimly lit concrete cell on the platform, an old man is reading a book with a dirty-looking knife.

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Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia’s debut work is a jaw-dropping miracle, an unforgettable and terrifying metaphor for wealth inequality, and a pure science fiction dystopian yarn. A kind-hearted scholar (Ivan Massagué) wakes up in a concrete cell with a sneered old crank (Zorion Eguileor), but there are no fences or gates to keep them in it-only endless cells stacked on top of each other, there is one The yawning rectangular gap connects them all. Once a day, a floating platform on which a feast is held descends from the various floors of the prison-but the people in the cell below are destined to eat anything that the upper floor refuses. The key is: Every month, everyone in the system will be poisoned and transferred to a different level, where they may participate in the feast sooner or later. Gaztelu-Urrutia derives many horrors and surprises from this simple setting, from cold, lively humor to shocking violence. -TR


Ceremony-Luke (played by Rafispo) was terrified

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Even after oursHut in the woods In the world, smart filmmakers still have the opportunity to scare us with creepy haunted houses -the-shadows-no-no-no-no-no story. ceremony Follow four friends along the Kungsleden trail in northern Sweden to pay tribute to the fifth friend who was recently murdered in a convenience store. Death is particularly heavy for Luke (Prometheus Rafe Spall), his drunken belligerence first hurt his partner. Luke was also a member of the group, and he realized that after they found a wooden deer altar in an abandoned house in an unknowingly detour, the group was not only troubled by memories.Like European horror and There are eyes on the mountain, ceremony Use the instinct of biometrics to reverse the familiar journey to keep the genre fresh. —Member of Parliament


In the living room of

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Byran Bertino’s 2008 movie stranger It is an exquisite and fascinating horror movie, which strips the family invasion subtype to its most basic part to bring home the intimate primitive horror of its premise. Liv Tyler and Scott Speedman play a married couple who arrived in a secluded holiday house after spending a decisive night for dinner. To the stalking and intimidation of a trio of masked serial killers. All of this raises the question: why? The answer is more obvious and scarier than you think. -exist

Under the shadow

Under the shadow-Shideh

Vertical entertainment

In a series of Iraqi air strikes in Tehran in the late 1980s, the Iranian government prohibited medical students and political activist Shideh (Narges Rasidi) from continuing her studies. She returned to her apartment and, regardless of her husband’s wishes, stayed with her young daughter in the war-torn capital—this is her home, and she will not leave. However, when a missile passes directly through her building, the normal life known to Shideh and her daughter becomes marked by an invisible evil presence. Is it a god?Very like in Barbados, The first director Babak Anvari (Babak Anvari) allowed supernatural issues to revolve around Under the shadow Because he captured the erosion of his plain, main series, and Shideh’s existence. -Members

No friends

No friends

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Levan Gabriadze No friends Pull the audience across the screen-almost literally. From the perspective of a computer desktop entirely, the 2014 supernatural horror movie revolved around a Skype call between a group of high school students who joined an unknown existence named “billie227”. What seemed like a prank at first quickly evolved into something more terrifying, because the mysterious stranger began to reveal the terrible secrets of each friend, and then killed them one by one. No friends It is a completely gripping inference of our always-on world; a world where vengeful pranksters and human search coexist, no secrets or offenses will not be discovered or punished. -exist

What’s below

Freedom is taking a shower, and John lies ominously under the other side of her shower curtain.

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Braden R. Duemmler What’s below Ema Horvath plays Libby. A 16-year-old girl returns to her mother’s lakeside cottage after summer camp and finds that she has a new boyfriend, John (Terry Tucker). Although her mother’s new boyfriend was initially ruled out, Libby gradually began to suspect something that John was trying to hide…about John. No one can ask for help except her friend Marley (Haskiri Velasquez), Libby must reveal the truth about John’s sinister nature, lest it is too late to save her mother…and herself. Filled with an increasingly tense atmosphere, creepy and ethereal visual effects, and an incredibly bizarre ending, What’s below It attracts it more than what appears on the surface at first glance. -exist