The 5 best Jackbox games that appear only once

With the confirmation of the release date of Jackbox Party Pack 8, we decided to review some of our favorite games from previous entries. However, we all know that such a list will naturally evolve into a Quiplash/Drawful/Trivia Murder Party love event, so we focus on the best games that only appear once. In addition to highlighting some interesting one-click spectacles, perhaps this list will attract the Jackbox team to revisit them in future installments. If any of these items get a “2” next to them, you know whom to thank. We did not arrange these games in order from best to worst, but in the numerical order of the packages in which they appeared.

kick off

Jackbox Party Pack 3

Making rough graffiti always makes people laugh, but Tee KO raises the stakes by letting players pair their bad art with the same humorous phrases. Players write down slogans and draw pictures, then randomly arrange these pictures and distribute them to everyone, asking them to wear a T-shirt when they see fit. The two shirt designs compete with each other, and players vote for the best/most interesting one. In a way, Tee KO combines Drawful’s artistic creativity (or lack thereof) with Quiplash’s fill-in-the-blank comedy; pairing the preschool caliber portrait of Sonic the Hedgehog with the phrase “sex symbol” can make the party hit the nail on the head. Most importantly, the game allows you to order any design you create as a real shirt-just like you can wear in real life-to immortalize your favorite reaction.

Rhapsody City

Jackbox Party Pack 5

The insults of the rap battle are funny, because the lyrics are either really witty or cliché so that they are funny. Mad Verse City is by letting players dunk each other under the guise of a robot MC. Players make rap by selecting keywords, generating lines around the keywords, and writing completely original sentences. Ideally, you want the last word in each word to rhyme, but being funny is more important than being Rakim’s second arrival. Hearing a voiceless text-to-speech sound (sometimes misinterpreted) your absurd freestyle swimming will only make it more interesting. Since the game will tell you who you are facing, it is best to play with good sports or friends that you think are bulletproof. Although it sounds despicable, the game is most interesting when rap enters the cervical spine through stupid personal insults.

Obviously stupid

Jackbox Party Pack 5

Do you have any good ideas for an invention? Patently Stupid allows you to share your “brilliant” ideas with friends. Players take turns to create a unique problem that others must solve. Then, you draw an invention designed to solve these problems, including naming it and adding a slogan to it. Your ridiculous mixture may be funny enough to cause some laughter, but in fact, you have to show and prove your stupid invention to the team in the style of Steve Jobs, which may push the game in the best possible way. edge. If this requires too much, the game can be completed for you with a beautiful presentation tool.

Split room

Jackbox Party Pack 5

In hindsight, Party Pack 5 is a pretty good package. Split the Room is a fun game that requires you to fill in a hypothetical “will you” style question blank in order to get the most divisive answer possible. Here is an example: “You are the president of Pizza, and you know that pepperoni will cause 5% of people to eat pepperoni. Will you always ban pepperoni as a topping?” No matter what word you fill in the blanks, you want it to be exhausted. It is possible to “divide the room” evenly. Therefore, “Split the Room” is a more brainstorming game, but this is what makes it satisfying. It’s also a creative way to understand how party guests like to think, while allowing a lot of laughter to depend on the ridiculous player’s perception of their reaction.

Talking points

Jackbox Party Pack 7

Who says PowerPoint presentations can’t be fun? Talking Points divide players into two groups, and one person is responsible for impromptu speeches based on the slides chosen by the partner. The key is that the slideshows are weird, hilariously out of context photos, but the challenge is to maintain the theme while merging any weird things that appear on the screen in a meaningful way. Then, the audience will vote on the attractiveness of your speech, and finally a customized award will be given. Talking Points can cause an embarrassing train crash, but that’s what makes it shine, as does watching someone think smoothly and provide a killer demo. In other words, the game is not for everyone. Just like “Patently Stupid”, it requires impromptu speeches in front of the audience, which may be nerve-racking for some people, even if it is a joke. But when Talking Points landed, it was a riot.

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