The 90s are back, baby: RTS games based on Stargate and Terminator are under development

This is a good time to become a fan of licensed real-time strategy games based on science fiction licenses. At the Game Awards last week, Funcom announced a new RTS based on Dune. Today publisher Slitherine is showing not one but the other two in the pipeline: Terminator: Dark Fate-Resistance and Stargate: Timekeeper .

Stargate: Timekeeper It was first announced in May, but Slitherine showed the gameplay for the first time at Twitch’s “Game of War” event earlier today. Set in the SG-1 universe, Timekeepers is a small-scale tactical game with 14 missions. Commander Eva McCain and her team support the unit to fight the Anubis army. Later in the campaign, they will also help Jaffa Resistance, lead the attack on Moloc, seek an alliance with Unas, and get stuck in a time loop-all of which may sound familiar to SG-1 fans.