The accessibility option of Far Cry 6 is a breath of fresh air

Far Cry The game guarantees a reliable story-a war, a sadistic villain, and a large body of corpses scattered across the wide world. They can be written by Mad Libs at this time.But as a legally blind player with severe visual impairment, I don’t care about who, why, or where, rather than what I care about how The most important thing is: how does the gunfight feel and how effective am I in the battle?At Ubisoft Far Cry 6The guerrillas say that democracy is their true freedom, but for me, it is an accessible menu that allows me to improve as a soldier while exploring the vast world of Yara.

Just like more and more games now, Far Cry 6 Starting with voice narration, this is a welcome content for those who may not be able to see the open menu.The series has been trying to improve its stance on accessibility Far Cry 5 Released some medium options, And this menu narrative is as strong as any beginning.

Then there was a reasonable surprise: When filtering through a large number of audio and interface options, I was surprised to be able to see what these changes would produce in real time on a small game screen. This may sound like a harmless feature, but it is not often available, and being able to clearly see how these changes will affect my adventure, saving me a lot of time and menu jumps after the game starts.

After a wave of extensive and useful menus, the adventure begins. Soon after, I took control of the player character and escaped from Yara’s capital island, seeking an escape on the ship, and a brief invisible lite version convinced me to fix some other auxiliary functions.

I am always happy to see that the reticle swing can be turned off and the lines of the reticle can be made thicker. There is also an aiming assist option with a lock strength slider. Far Cry 6 It also has an automatic steering function, which helps to avoid hitting people when trying to check the minimap. Covers a lot of basics, even head and eye tracking, and some settings I want to play more. There is no “one size fits all” for accessibility in games, so when I delved further, it was really attractive to see so many opinions unfolding.

“Far Cry” games like to frequently poison or drunk the protagonist, and splash blood on the screen when the player is dying. Fortunately, all of these have become cliché effects in countless genres and can be turned off for those who like it. already It is difficult to perceive their virtual environment. The visual effects of these screen changes not only killed me, but in some tasks, they even made it impossible for me to find the target. The ability to eliminate these effects-along with camera shake-increased my pleasure tenfold. “Far Cry” may be infamous for the stagnation of the series, but on the surface, it is constantly evolving in terms of accessibility.

The player character takes damage and is close to death in Far Cry 6

Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft

However, for all the developments in the series, some accessibility options are missing or not pushed far enough. One of the most disappointing omissions is the slider for UI and font scaling. Although the “add” option affects some HUD messages, it does not apply to most stylized narrative text and documents. Those texts are already boring, but making them difficult to read increases my chances of skipping them. Combine this with some menus that are difficult to navigate, mainly due to the clutter of the screen due to a large amount of production information, and symbols and icons that look too similar, and the pace of the game may be slow to crawl.Many of these functions perform poorly because they have been implemented Rear Release, as a band-aid, not as a preventive measure. Of course, this is extra work for developers, but it is also worth considering during the pre-release stage.

When I was in the jungle or on the streets of Yara, I was always worried about how the environment would prevent me from noticing potentially hostile or useful items, so I would have more time to spend on detailed exploration. I often walk into the enemy’s fortress, knowing that I am dying, but I will use this time to figure out where the enemy is, test the defense, and get as much visual information as possible before the next go-around.This is my version Endless loop, Just in a game that doesn’t revolve around actual time mechanisms. This is a time slot, it can be a bummer. Far Cry 6 It does provide story mode difficulty for players who just want to watch and complete the game, but I prefer options that make me feel that I am still an important hero.

Far Cry 6’s Vision menu allows players to highlight and increase the vividness of enemies and items

Image: Ubisoft Toronto/Ubisoft

Just look Far Cry 6Color coding and high-contrast project outline.Follow the context of “Detective Vision” Killer Or Batman: Arkham series, Far Cry 6 Allows players to add bright colors to enemies or item pickups. It makes it easier for you to spot potential threats without having to go straight to them or find critical equipment before walking through it. Far Cry 6 It is the first series of entries to include these options, and they have made me a more effective revolutionist in Yara’s Clash of Fantasy. They are a godsend.

I like Far Cry 6 Much more than what I did in the previous entries. The accessibility changes allow me to spend less time assessing the situation and more time to be badass. I just like to travel across the land, see dangerous areas on the small map, mark enemy soldiers, and actively choose whether to participate in the battle. The Far Cry series may seem stagnant to many observers, but for me it is a leader in the game field that promotes inclusive accessibility options. And in this respect, Far Cry 6 It is the best installment payment. It provides me with a new sense of freedom-it empowers me-and I hope this trend will continue.