The Adams Family 2 missed the fun of the creepy, quirky family

Second animation Adams family The movie has big shoes to fill-but they are not the shoes of its mid-level predecessors in 2019. The target audience will not remember this because they may not have been born yet. But in 1991, when the Adams family surpassed their comic origins and the subsequent 1960s TV show and entered feature films for the first time, it became a hit and a sequel was soon released. 1993 Adams family values Not as good as the first movie, but it provides a model for this very rare and extraordinary comedy sequel.The second live version Adams family Shorter, smarter, and more interesting than the first movie, it particularly deepens the role of Wednesday Adams played by the young Christina Ritchie.

Actually, Adams family values Since then, so many Adams family materials have been concentrated on Wednesday, which may be a major reason. In the old TV show, she was nothing more than a funny gloomy novelty behavior for children.But she has since become a ill-fated center Broadway adaptation, A sort of Popular web series YouTube is closed due to copyright issues and will be launched soon Netflix series directed by Tim Burton, Now an animated film, she is voiced by Chloe Grace Moretz.But by focusing on the oldest Adams child, the new Adams Family 2 It reveals how clumsy and wrong it was on Wednesday—and the overall misunderstanding of the family in the animated film.

Picture: MGM Pictures

like Adams family values, Adams Family 2 Make a wise decision to remove the Adams from their natural habitat. Leaving their squeaky mansion can reduce the jaw-dropping art direction, but it will increase the potential of the story. Although the earlier sequel made Wednesday and Pagsley go to an optimistic summer camp, and made Uncle Fest fall into a loveless marriage with a lively gold digger (“Pastel?” Morticia is checking Asked with indifferent contempt at his new home), the new movie sends them on an off-road holiday.

Gomez (Oscar Isaac, voice-over MVP) is convinced that Wednesday is moving away from the family, although given Wednesday’s iconic icy demeanor, he believes why it has not been fully explained. He didn’t give her space, but decided that he could take her back to her original circle through a close RV trip. (This is very close to the core dynamics of Netflix’s recent animated films Mitchell vs.machine.) Nevertheless, aside from motivation, this is a good framework Adams family Movie: Let them fight against various all-American and absolutely non-Gothic hotspots and force them to interact with more traditional tourists. It sounds fun.

Some fragments in the film did implement this promise. Gomez was enthusiastic about the grim prospect of crossing Niagara Falls in a barrel, and despaired that they would not sell the barrels on the spot-he had to buy “300 kimchi” to buy for his family. Pagsley raged in the Grand Canyon, trying to improve the majesty of nature with explosives. But even those moments cannot truly reflect Adams’ cruel emotions. The filmmakers Greg Tiernan, Conrad Vernon and Laura Brousseau just reimagined them as generators of all-purpose comics. There is absolutely no naive belief in one’s creepy taste here.

This is especially true on Wednesday. Adams Family 2 Her competition at the school science fair began, and she carefully tried to instill the wisdom of octopus into her clumsy Uncle Fest. (It drives one of the few creepy running threads in the movie, in which Fester begins to mutate into a creature with tentacles.) The crazy scientific perspective makes sense, but Adams 2 As an arrogant genius, she has been pushing Wednesday, she can hardly tolerate the low IQ around her, and at the same time is constrained by her status as a tween girl.So basically, she started otaku.

Wednesday with Morticia on the beach of Adams Family 2

Picture: MGM Pictures

Can this work on Wednesday? Maybe, a little, with an appropriate degree of morbidity of expressionlessness. However, in this movie, it actually disappointed her. After all, there is no shortage of arrogant and/or articulate cartoon characters, especially children. Adams family values A sharp and interesting line was drawn between Wednesday’s anti-social tendencies and the punitive hegemony of many childhood activities: her resistance to summer camp cheers (and the whitewashing of the first Thanksgiving) made her and others unsuitable be consistent.

exist Adams Family 2, Whether it is characterization or Moritz’s vocal performance, there is a hollow ring of plain quasi-correlation. Her discomfort with traditional feelings felt like stupid, and Rich made it an important element of her existence. Although Pugsley is not so important in the narrative, he has also been ground into normal child antics. Here, he has a secondary plot where he tries to learn how to impress girls, somehow his lack of attraction to them has nothing to do with his cruel tendencies, as if he were a fool.

All of these businesses highlight how clever the Adams family’s portrayal in the 1990s live-action movies is, and how difficult it is to rebirth even in the seemingly ideal animation media. Oscar Isaac mastered Gomez’s stupid leader, and Charlize Theron provided Morticia with the right tone. But roles cannot be united as a family unit. The idea of ​​juxtaposing the creepy and the weird in this movie is to let the language steward Lurch, who resembles the Frankenstein monster, accidentally break into the high pitch and perform “I will survive”. The movie didn’t figure out how to survive in the “normal” world as their unique selves, but turned Adams’s role into another group of cute cartoon characters.

Of course, grown-up fans of fond memories Adams family values Not the target audience Adams Family 2(Full disclosure: my 5-year-old daughter likes it very much.) But many children have watched and liked live-action movies in their days, and Hotel Transylvania The movie already exists, full of friendly monsters and more vivid animations.So why make a series Adams family Comics that echo other existing franchises, and don’t seem to understand this clan or what’s funny about them? Adams Family 2 It feels like the ultimate revenge for those maddening camp counselors Adams family values: Finally, Adams’ adventures are reimagined as too cute and obligatory fun.

Adams Family 2 Debut in theaters and digital rental services, such as Amazon with Wudu October 1st.