The animated series of key characters will begin with two new adventures

First two episodes Key role: Legend of Vox Machina, An Amazon adult animation show based on the popular Dungeons and Dragons actual combat series, will cover material that fans have never heard of before. The news was announced on Friday in a panel at the New York Comic Con.

“We want all the audience to stand on the same foot,” actor Sam Riegel said in the Q&A section of the presentation. “You don’t have to know what the key characters are, or have seen us play an RPG game, you can directly enter the series and start to know these characters and explore the world.”

The key role started in 2012 and is a friendly D&D game run by professional voice actor Matt Mercer for his friends. return It happens to be a professional voice actor.Actors include Laura Bailey (Dragon Ball Z, Avengers), Liam O’Brien (Sailor Moon, World of Warcraft) And Travis Willingham (Full Metal Alchemist, The Avengers).The series includes two complete battle arcs and one called Exandria unlimited, Has accumulated more than 1,000 hours of audio and streaming video content. However, the first two episodes will be brand new.

“Although they are new to the audience, they are very familiar with the history of these characters,” Mercer said.

In addition to dubbing their roles, all eight original actors served as executive producers of the show.They worked together to determine more than 400 hours of story Voice of machine The event will enter the first season of 12 episodes of the Amazon series.

“Everyone must say what is most important to them during the campaign and the moments that really impressed them, and we make sure to incorporate them into the show,” Bailey said.

The first season will cover the Briarwood arc, focusing on the background story of Taliesin Jaffe’s character Percival. Percival is an exiled aristocrat with a dark past who invented the world’s first firearm.

“I think when we arrived in Briarwood, all of us felt that this was not just a game, we were telling a true story here,” Riegel said. “For me, this is the first time it feels like art.”

Part of the creative process involves re-listening to the old meeting and having the show’s writer interview the actors while they are playing the role.

“There was no real plot development in the early days,” Marissa Ray said. “It’s just that we are trying to explain our characters, the motivation behind them, their needs and driving forces. We have all played for so long, so we all know them very well.”

O’Brien has voiced major shows and video games, but he said he has never been so excited about his work.

“I like to bring people’s robots, heroes and villains to life, but you can’t really beat your own character,” he said. “I think this is more investment than anything I have ever been involved in. We can do it with our best friends, and we can do it every day.”

A clip revealed during the Q&A session showed that the nominal mercenary organization Vox Machina participated in a drinking competition that led to a bloody fight in a hotel. Just like the key role series, it is full of sexual cues and curses.

“The programs we air every week are adult programs,” Willingham said. “There is language. There is a sexual situation. But for us, it is important to tell a story that is similar to when we started. For us, we can approach the show in many different ways. We can do funny things. , We can do the different animation styles you see now, but we are kids in the 80s. We are very close to a certain narrative style.”

Key role: Legend of Vox Machina It will combine the styles of Western animation and anime from the 1980s.It is produced by Titmouse, the production company behind the Netflix adult animation company Big mouth, Character design Youth justice Chief character designer Phil Bourassa (Phil Bourassa). The series will premiere on February 4, 2022.