The autumn of Babylon updated the visual effects so that they are no longer a fuzzy mess

The fall of Babylon Having been in this strange state, many PlatinumGames fans know that this is the studio’s next big game, but there seems to be almost no excitement. In July, the developer completed the first of three beta tests for the game.

This is the first time players have had the opportunity to experience a multiplayer action game in person, but even before the test went live, many people had a lot of doubts about the visual style of the game. When the fall of Babylon was re-announced, we saw it in June. On E3.

Platinum seems to have accepted this feedback because the studio has announced a change in the appearance of the game, which should make it look easier. More specifically, the game abandons the beauty of pixelation and filtering in order to obtain a clearer and more focused appearance.

“Thank you very much for the support of our Sentinels. The Babylon’s Fall team has been working to update the graphics to improve readability while retaining the unique oil painting style!” Platinum Game said In tweet.

One of the most common criticisms of the original appearance is how blurry the image is. Even setting aside personal preferences, the original style makes it harder for people to keep up with the game’s movements. I have also seen some people with poor eyesight complain that it is hard to see/play and may cause headaches.

This new look may appear in the next Beta test, which will be conducted on PC and PS4, although Platinum has not yet set a date.