The Avengers are increasing paid promotion, fans are angry

The wrong comedy is Marvel Avengers, Square Enix and Crystal Power’s big budget bet, now there is a hot new chapter unfolding: adding in-game DLC, providing paid enhancements to the character experience, allowing you to upgrade faster and access higher-end content.

This kind of thing is standard for courses in this type of game-but what makes Avengers unique is the developer’s promise that they will never do it.

“We also promise that the content that can be purchased with real money in the Marvel Avengers will be purely aesthetic additional content, which will ensure that we can maintain the freshness of the game in the next few years,” an article published in Marvel The post on “The Avengers” reads. Avengers official websiteThis is not the only time that this kind of statement has been put forward—this non-decorative content about the game is free and has been repeatedly emphasized in interviews; I remember this was a key topic when I first started. , About a year before the game was released. This is even the key to the unveiling of the game E3-they stand on the stage and make promises to win the cheers of the crowd.

To be clear, Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics did not violate all their promises. Future DLC roles will still be free. In fact, I’m pretty sure they will argue that promotion is not “adding content” at all, so their words are still correct. But what has changed is that non-cosmetic options will be sold for the first time.

You can imagine what happened next. The game’s reddit was irritated by fans who felt Summarize Intercepted from the opening scene of the Avengers final battle, the skinny Tony Stark and Steve Rogers showdown: “No trust. Liar.”

At the same time, it’s hard not to see this. Obviously, the Avengers are not the success Square Enix wants, and there is clearly an incentive to actively pursue any funds that can be recovered from this expensive project. The arrival of the game in Game Pass also heralds a sharp rise in the possibility of this happening: by making the game “free” (a bit), Square Enix has the opportunity to attract those who find themselves in trouble. The free DLC promise has closed an option that is charging for new characters and story content. Although they can be said to be sufficiently luxurious add-ons that developers can try for a fee, that ship may have already sailed. Among the promises to be broken, the XP boost must be the lesser of the two evils.

But when you get closer, things start to get darker. Back in March, the confusing decision was to make the Avengers rougher and slow down the upgrade speed by increasing the required XP in order to… uh… well, I’m still not sure what the logic is. Officially this is to smooth the rhythm of the level obtained-but informally, I suspect this is a band-aid used to cover up content problems after the game. However, according to this announcement, it still looks darker.

Despite a strong post-launch content plan, the Avengers have been working hard to set the world on fire.

I know that the days of cheat codes are gone forever. When you can sell shortcut DLC, why should you keep such a thing as a secret? In such a service game, I even saw the useful purpose of these things. The price tag is a kind of discouragement, trying to make sure that everyone doesn’t just jump into a powerful super character, but it means that if you just jump into the Avengers on the game pass, love it, and want to join experienced friends in After the game…you can take a shortcut, but it comes at a price. The same is true in Final Fantasy 14, which is another Square Enix game that lets people buy boosters to skip content and use new characters to enter raids and other juicy things. Since there is no competitive element, it is not what you pay for. Despite this, it still leaves some bad taste in my mouth, but in the year of hell in 2021, the predatory shit of mobile games is even worse, and I can accept it. I can let it go.

What worries me is that when the game is built to force your hands-to gently push you to buy the kind of promotion, the kind of cheating. The important thing is balance-if your game balance makes coughing more desirable than just playing the expected course, assuming you have time, something terribly wrong has happened. For Marvel’s Avengers, the March update and the XP boosted visual effects added this month are undoubtedly a bad appearance. This is where these things become dark.

If you artificially make grinding harder, and then start selling enhancers to lighten and speed up the grinding after a while, you won’t be surprised when people connect these dots and call them viscous. This is also the groping of the top public relations on the ball-all the good publicity and social media buzz from the Avengers batting pass are now overwhelmed by the anger of the fans. Yes, the decision maker.

Game Pass has allowed the Avengers’ player base to soar-but Square Enix should now hope that such a decision will not drive these new players away before they start.