The Avengers’ PlayStation exclusive Spider-Man content will not include story missions

Incoming Game console-exclusive Spiderman DLC Marvel Avengers It will not contain any narrative content, because the developer Crystal Dynamics chose to spend time making something that “everyone can enjoy”.

As we know, Spider-Man is unique to the PlayStation platform and will appear in the Marvel Avengers together with Klaw Raid this month.

But before the content arrives on November 30, the developer has announced that this update will not add any narrative content to the game. With Great Power plug-in will tell you what new narrative content is through the audio log and illustrated cutscenes. You will unlock these bytes of information by completing the challenges in the Avengers Initiative section.

Philippe Therien, Game Director of Crystal Dynamics, explains IGN The team hopes “to spend our efforts on content that everyone can enjoy, so we chose to spend a lot of energy on the upcoming Klaw raid.”

He explained: “[It was] It was a simple decision for us. Spiderman can play all content, but then we released a content that works on all platforms. Really, this is a decision that has been like this from the beginning. “

This is different from the previous updates we have seen in the game, such as those involving Kate Bishop, Clint Barton, and Black Panther. These updates come with dedicated cutscenes and narrative clues. You can play to better understand the hero in the world. In the location.

Marvel’s Avengers can be used on PC, Stadia, PlayStation and Xbox systems. Recently, Crystal Power extracted the XP boost from the store, making it only available in games.