The award-winning independent horror role-playing game Mothership gets a boxed set

MothershipIt is an award-winning tabletop role-playing game, and a box-in-door set will be launched soon.this Kickstarter activities Launched on Tuesday and almost immediately achieved its goal of $20,000. Fans can purchase the full physical version for only $59, which is expected to be delivered in November 2022.

Publisher Cavaliers Games Tuesday The event lasts until December 2, and it provides multiple extended goals, which will unlock printable loads, more monsters, and a three-panel Warden’s Screen for game masters.

First released in 2018, Mothership Written and illustrated by Sean McCoy Enlighten From franchise rights such as “Alien”, “Dead Space” and similar movies Event horizonIn it, players play the roles of riders, scientists, robots, and marines exploring outer space in the near future. The streamlined rules system allows players to get started quickly and provides one-page instructions for the creation of characters and starships. It is also extremely deadly, and many campaigns are designed with glorious whole-party killings in mind.

Mothership In 2019, he became famous at the Gen Con game conference, Mothership: Player Survival Guide Won Enny Award The best game. same year, Mothership Module Death planet Also won the Silver Enni Award for Best Adventure. Since then, it has been one of the most popular independent TRPGs, often ranking the best-selling products on DriveThruRPG.

Image: Tuesday Knights Game

A two-page leaflet for a pound of meat.

Image: Tuesday Knights Game

Kickstarter has many interesting upgrades, such as a deluxe version that includes adventure modules Death planet, A pound of meat, with Gradient descentThere is also a $199 bundle that includes a stack of additional brochure-sized mini modules, a T-shirt and exclusive dice. On the other hand, you can purchase the digital version for only $29.

You can get a physical copy of the original Mothership: Player Survival Guide Now for 14.99 USD Online storefront of Knight Games on Tuesday.The book is also bundled with a free PDF, which can also be downloaded separately as a paid download Drive through role-playing games.