The Back 4 Blood Campaign trailer introduces its bloody story

Since all the attention is focused on the four-player cooperative action of Back 4 Blood, it is easy to forget that there is a story that promotes the adventure of zombie infection. A new trailer touched some of the narrative beats of the game before its release on October 12.

The video does not reveal a lot of plot details, but it does introduce the player to “Mom”, the swearing leader of the eight cleaners they will control. She may get better and better, but she obviously won’t be pushed down, which is good. She must unite with a group of people with different personalities from different backgrounds for one goal: to retake a world ravaged by monsters. The video also involves the emergence and subsequent spread of the demon worm, the mysterious parasite responsible for transforming most of the population into unconscious carnivorous zombies.

Back 4 Blood comes from Turtle Rock, a team of former Left 4 Dead developers, the game is the spiritual successor to Valve’s beloved zombie series. Up to four players work together to eliminate groups of infected people. You can customize various privileges and debuffs for each cleaner through the card system. In addition to the cooperative mode, Back 4 Blood also has a competitive mode called Swarm, which allows humans and zombie teams to fight against each other. You can read the hands-on experience of our latest public beta here.

Back 4 Blood will soon be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. It will also enter Xbox Game Pass on the first day

Are you interested in the story of Back 4 Blood, or are you more excited about destroying enemies with your friends and completely ignoring the plot? Let us know in the comments!