The Battlefield 2042 beta reminds me why I like Battlefield

When I was running around in a missile hangar, an over-eager teammate, kool-aid, ran through the wall next to me to escape from a helicopter and plunged me into a millisecond-long whirlpool of terror, relief and laughter. “My God,” I thought, “Finally there is a suitable battlefield game.”

There was a time when a new Battlefield announcement would be the highlight of my game year, but when DICE swapped jets for horses in Battlefield 1, I kind of put this series into a nap. My first hour in the upcoming public beta of Battlefield 2042 was the wake-up call I needed. The battlefield has returned to what it does best. The gun hit like a bag of bricks, the jet plane made a low roar and rattled in my ears, all of which looked gorgeous in action.