The Battlefield 2042 patch deletes roof breakthrough targets, nerfs proximity sensors and vehicle cannons

As promised, DICE has released a final Battlefield 2042 Update before the end of the year. Today’s patch is small, but full of welcome balance changes and further fixes, hoping to make the game better before the holidays.

The new patch 0.3.1 version is accompanied by a large-scale 0.3.0 update last week. Now available on all platforms, 3.1 mainly adjusts the roof targets of Kaleidoscope, Orbital and Hourglass in Breakthrough.

These targets are very difficult for an attacker to capture, because there are usually not so many ways to reach the top. Of course, the defender will usually block the elevator when the attacker continues to hit the elevator with his head. DICE’s solution is to simply move these targets to the bottom of the building.

In terms of balance, the update weakened proximity sensors, reduced their uptime and radius, and limited inventory to one instead of two. On the other hand, Fragmentation Grenade has a buff that can kill a heavily armed player, but the disadvantage is that you can only carry one now.

DICE also made some balance adjustments to ground vehicle weapons, especially the 30mm cannon, which made the Bolte light tank very annoying. Their rate of fire and explosion damage have been reduced, and they now accumulate heat faster. Wildcat’s 57mm cannon is also weakened, so it is less effective on infantry.

Another important change in today’s update is some adjustments to game audio, which DICE said should improve clarity, distance, and directional audio. Battlefield 2042’s much criticized weapon spread has been updated again. The new changes prevent the weapon from becoming inaccurate as quickly as it is now in a fully automatic state. The recoil pattern should also be more consistent instead of jumping aggressively.

Read the full content below 0.3.0 Change log:


  • Players who are not team leaders can now cancel while waiting in line.
  • Xbox-Cross-play can now be enabled/disabled in the Xbox options menu.
  • When refreshing the Battlefield: Portal Server browser, your sort settings will now be remembered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the loading screen on the respawn screen would sometimes be empty after joining the server, preventing weapon selection.
  • Improvements have been made to ensure more consistent aiming assistance during console games.
  • The ranger’s effective combat range and overall health have been reduced.


  • Various adjustments have been made to the overall audio experience to improve clarity, distance, and direction.
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers would not always play specific footsteps in the room.


  • Eliminates the bounce under the barrel grenade when shooting at short distances.
  • 40mm AP grenade can now damage vehicles correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where certain weapons displayed the wrong ammunition quantity for a specific magazine.
  • The reload animation of the DXR-1 and NTW-50 bolt action rifles has been increased by 0.2 seconds.
  • Adjusted the dispersion value of most weapons, which will result in a faster reduction in dispersion during light shots or short bursts.
  • The spread of most weapons has been increased after adjustments. Now it takes longer for the weapon to become too inaccurate in continuous shooting.
  • Adjust the recoil value to prevent the recoil of AK24, LCMG, PKP-BP, SFAR-M GL and PP-29 from jumping too much.
  • Improved the hip shooting accuracy of all SMGs, making them stand out from other automatic weapon prototypes.
  • LMG dispersion and recoil are reduced to improve continuous shooting performance.
  • Additional improvements to recoil control for all weapons, more specifically automatic weapons.
  • Increased the close-range damage and consistency of MCS-880 when using lead shells or arrow shells.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bullets to be fired below player targets in SFAR-M GL and K30.


  • Fixed a bug where vehicle weapons sometimes would not cause explosion damage when hit directly.
  • We are reducing the effectiveness of the ground vehicle’s 30mm cannon against infantry. Overheating speed is now faster, shooting and explosion damage speed is slightly reduced, long-distance fall damage is increased: the rate of fire is 350 to 330, the heat per bullet is 0.13 to 0.14, the heat per second is reduced by 0.5 to 0.475, and the explosion damage is 20 to 18.
  • LCAA Hovercraft-40mm GPL grenade launcher explosion damage reduced from 55 to 35.
  • EBAA Wildcat-57mm Cannon: Removed scatter, 12 to 8 ammunition, 85 to 75 impact damage, and 70 to 35 explosion damage.
  • The 40mm upward launch angle of the practical pod is now easier to use.

small tools

-Proximity sensor

  • Reduce the discovery radius from 30m to 20m.
  • Reduced uptime from 30 seconds to 14 seconds.
  • The number of proximity sensors that players can carry and deploy has been reduced from 2 to 1.

-Fragmentation grenade

  • Increased the time to detonate the fragment grenade after the first bounce in a hard collision from 1.1 seconds to 1.4 seconds.
  • Increase the damage of Fragmentation Grenades in the game mode, causing 120 points of damage and guaranteeing to kill armored players.
  • Reduced the maximum ammunition for fragments and incendiary grenades from 2 to 1.

dangerous area

  • Fixed an issue that caused the roaming occupation LATV4 Recon to spawn at the wrong time or not at all.


  • Kaleidoscope-The roof capture target has been removed. There are now two capture targets at the bottom of BT large and one at the bottom of BT small.
  • Track-The roof capture target has been removed. There is now a capture target at the bottom of BT large and BT small.
  • Hourglass-The roof capture target has been removed. There is now a capture target at the bottom of BT large and BT small. Also fixed the issue of player spawning out of bounds.


  • Improved stepping on objects backwards in the prone position.
  • Fixed a rare issue where the player might become invisible when spawning on a fully loaded/destroyed vehicle.