The best and worst games we played this year for Halloween events

When people started to announce the start of the season of horror, a few seconds have passed in October, but Halloween is an annual event, and we are happy to let us announce the whole month. When clothing store signs began to appear on both sides of the abandoned department store building, no one complained-it was exciting, unlike the annoying hacking of all the department stores that were still open sometime in November. Christmas song. (However, seeing the Halloween spirit logo on the side of Fry’s Electronics, the iconic Silicon Valley electronics chain that closed earlier this year, does feel a bit tragic.)

Similarly, in-game Halloween events often start sometime in mid-October, last for about two weeks, and never feel that they are outdated. Here are the creepy game events we look forward to every year and how they stack up on top of each other.

10. Rocket League-a haunted sacred weapon