The best and worst of CES 2022: Gaming laptops, cutting-edge monitors and broken dreams

It’s been an odd start to the year, tied to the weird and wonderful world of CES 2022 announcements.When manufacturers scramble to grab our attention and show off the many innovations they’ve brewed, you’ll usually find us shaking our heads in exclamation, “They sure don’t Actually Think this will take off. “

Don’t get me wrong, CES 2022 brought a lot of practical innovations, even some impressive ones, and were actually related to PC gaming. At times, even a technological gem emerges, allowing us to spiral into a vision of a more powerful, interconnected, leisure-filled future. Most of the time though – maybe we’re just being cynical like this – it’s a bunch of nonsense: “Look at us, we make something that’s already been invented, but we’ve slapped ours on it brand name.”