The best cinema experience we have ever experienced

The summer movie season is finally in full swing as the theater reopens and people are returning after a year of long quarantine and a steady increase in vaccinations nationwide.

A few weeks ago, I went out with a few friends to see Ming-liang Tsai’s 2003 drama screening. Goodbye, Dragon Inn At the Music Box Theater in Chicago.Described as “Taiwanese” by fans and critics Cinema ParadisoThe first time I saw the movie was a calm and meditative experience that can only be experienced in the shared space of the theater. Frankly and simply, the movie is one. As long as you are careful to open up a space where mutual gratitude and friendship are possible, you will always have and will always do so.

With that in mind, we have put together a list of our favorite experiences at the cinema. Whether they are favorite movies shared with good friends, quirks or weird things that can only be experienced in the theater. As always, chime and share your favorite time in the theater with comments.

Before midnight, without watching the previous two movies

My buddy Nick and I have known each other since we met at college over 10 years ago. Undoubtedly, he is one of my most familiar and well-spoken friends about television and movies, and will introduce you to all of Leo Carax. Holy Motors, Twin Peaks, And Richard Linklater’s Before Trilogy; the latter was the driving force behind our long-standing friendship.

The first time we hung out together off campus was on a weekend afternoon drive to Evanston’s Century 12 Theater for Noah Bachbach’s double show. France ha And Richard Linklater Before midnight.. The former didn’t hit me very much. The young adult cleanse comedy has set me on the edge visceral in a way that even the most horrifying horror movies don’t. However, the experience of seeing the latter for the first time was enthusiastic.

Despite having never seen either of the previous two articles in the series, I fascinated the charismatic and undeniable magnetic forces Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy as the core couples, Jesse and Celine. Did. The rich inner life of these characters along the picturesque coast of the Peloponnese and their day fascinated me in a way that most films haven’t done since. I still remember what I said to Nick the moment I left the theater. “That movie was so good that I want to hit the popcorn tub into the trash can.” And dear reader, I did. I look back on that time. Not only did he introduce me to one of my favorite movie series so far, but I also received the gift of making a dear friend in the process. — Toussaint Egan

Midnight premiere of the second Hobbit movie

I wasn’t a big fan of The Lord of the Rings, Those Man. She wanted someone to come with her to the midnight premiere of the second Hobbit movie, and as someone who enjoyed the first one enough, I went along with it. This was also my college’s first winter vacation, and the idea of ​​having the freedom to go to the midnight premiere and go out late was very fresh and new in my mind. We went to more luxurious cinemas in town for this experience. I didn’t have a smartphone at the time, so I took a selfie with a freaky Kindle Fire.Throughout the movie, a friend of mine offended me with fun facts about how Tauriel didn’t really exist in the book and why that one man looked like Orlando Bloom. Pirates of the Caribbean Orlando Bloom Right there?? Also, don’t you even remember Legolas in Hobbit?

I don’t really remember most of the movie, but my friends had a great time, so I did. After leaving the theater, I decided to complete the experience by eating from Denny’s tie-up Hobbit menu. After all, two of the three Denny’s in our town are closed or inaccessible, so we trek to the other side completely around 4am to have the coveted Hobbit Hall breakfast. I had to do it. Since it was 2013, McKelmore’s “Can’t Hold Us” was also blown up. It’s embarrassing now, but it was an integral part of the experience. This part has nothing to do with the cinema, but when we were driving fast on the beachside highway to our late-night dining destination, we were still in the cinema’s haze, so everything It is packed in a complete package. — —Petrana Ladurovich

Clash of the Titans in the 2010s

Sam Worthington pulls out his teeth as Perseus in the Clash of the Titans

Photo: Warner Bros.

As’srs film critic‘It is not advisable to deliberately drink near-lethal levels of alcohol before watching a movie. As a responsible human citizen, I don’t recommend going to the movies with a lot of loud friends. It’s rude to the people around you, they’re also paying for it, and you might really want to hear the dialogue, even if it’s cliché and mesmerizing, and it’s boring. You may want to follow your actions even if they are inconsistent.

But on rare occasions, when you find yourself drunk and violent in an empty theater, you may watch a bad movie that is as hot as you feel. room Or Rocky Horror Picture ShowSometimes it’s especially glorious to break all the rules altogether, sometimes for those who take the movie seriously and value the theatrical experience, without knowing in advance that they have no ritual and are getting a bad movie. is.

The current gimmick, where many multiplex rents out the entire theater for you and your friends, allows you to see what you want and talk (or ridicule) everything you want-that’s my best Seems like a great opportunity to recreate the bad-a movie evening at a cheap discount theater, ridiculing and screaming as a ridiculously self-important movie Titan Collision Played on the screen. I remember the moment when I was so drunk that I couldn’t understand what I was doing, and I asked my friend next door, “Wait, where are you going now?” He said, “I don’t know!” “What are they trying to do?” “I can’t think of anything!” “Are you just drunk and struggling to follow this?” “Number! I’m sober and calm, This movie doesn’t make any sense! ” — Tasha Robinson

Man of Steel in Kansas City

Henry Cavill, Frog / Clark Kent / Man of Steel Superman.

Photo: Warner Bros.

I’m not a fan of Cinderverse DC film, but one of my favorite theater experiences happened when I was watching Henry Cavill’s first outing as Superman. man of Steel..

I’m from Kansas City, Missouri, and I was born and raised. KC is mainly barbecue, jazz, Former President of the United States that we really think is Kansas (Kansas City, Kansas is a completely different city, I promise), and the closest city to where Superman grew up. KC is a larger city in other regions, but there aren’t many blockbusters here. The important thing is that KC people tend to be pretty excited to see themselves in the movies.

In a dark field of view man of Steel, Clark appears to be wearing a Kansas City Royals T-shirt while talking to General Zod. And the people at my packed midnight opening theater began screaming with joy. Superman has always been a homemade Midwestern hero, but when he sees him appearing on the big screen, he supports the Royals baseball hit in a theater full of people in the area.

This comes to mind when you consider the power of theatrical experience. I sat there, cheering for the Royals with my fellow Kansas Citians, and escalating a movie I don’t really like into a movie that evokes a strong memory every time I think about it. — —Ryan Gilliam

X-Men: Baltimore First Class

In 2011, I was in Baltimore to visit my girlfriend at the time. On a hot summer day, we are cool, X-Men: First Class.. The Matinee show wasn’t too crowded — I remember it was almost empty for 10 years — but this is thanks to the man sitting at the end of our front row. It has become one of my favorite theater experiences.

As an aside, the person speaking in the movie doesn’t care as long as it reacts to what’s on the screen, doesn’t try to be a clown in the class, and feels serious about it.And let me tell you, this guy attractive, But in just two words: “fuck”.

Throughout the film, he simply said “sexual intercourse” in various intonations, using inflections appropriate for what happened in the film. Intriguing “sexual intercourse” when a new mutant appears, shocked “sexual intercourse” when a character dies, embarrassed “sexual intercourse” when someone’s power is shown, and the most memorable , The gloomy “fuuuckAt the big finale of the movie, Professor Charles Xavier whispered when he was injured to paralyze him.

I’ve never felt so much affection for fellow movie fans who shared the theater, but I look forward to finding someone like him again every time I go to the movies. That’s one of the reasons I’m a little sad when I’m in the cinema where I’m enacting a policy of silence while I’m grateful to them. Why do you want to miss something like this? Fuck.. — —Joshua Rivera

First public screening of Get Out

Get Out-Daniel Kaluuya's Eye Scene

Universal Pictures

I spent my twenties in New York City. New York City promises a unique theater experience, like a movie you won’t find anywhere else, in art houses, museums, and even large multiplexes.Difficult to recreate the joy of William Castle’s interactive weirdness Tingler at home.Only in New York was Brett Ratner able to participate in an advanced screening of malicious, naturally forgotten action comedies. After sunset Then watch High Off Woody Harrelson interrupt the Q & A and introduce “my friend David Blaine” to the audience. New York: It’s the city of Helva!

But my most vibrant screening experience had to be a secret screening at the 2017 Sundance Film Festival Get out.. Jordan Peele announced the first release of the film at 12:01 am Prime Hour. The photographs and spectators were instantly revived when they were packed into the narrow seats of The Library, the more intimate venue for Sundance (literally in the local library) and introduced to the soon-to-be-residents of LaKeith Stanfield. Andre, an old Caucasian character running hard on a shadowy street. There may have been some movie trailers by that time in January, but all the images, all the gags, all the weird twists felt like an unknown territory.There was no topic Get out Yet, but it all started there and was an obvious delight. Gasping when Catherine Keener first stirs the tea! The group ticks every time Lil Rel Howery answers the phone. Daniel Kaluuya’s big screen red-eye … I knew that each image popped out and everyone in the room was watching a kick-off to a major career.

When the lights went up, Peel was graceful enough to open a courtroom at 2 am. Everyone had a question. The first person I asked was Patton Oswalt. “You made a great movie, man.” Yes, he broke the festival Q & A cardinal run, but Peel really broke. The room broke out with a loud applause. — —Matt patch