The best deals on the 2022 Steam Summer Sale

Tens of thousands of new games flood Steam each year, and the annual Steam Summer Sale just gets harder to tame. The homepage, of course, is a well-manicured, verdant pasture dotted with hit games. But what else lurks in the jungle? Deep in the core of Steam, what rare fruits are waiting for us to discover? What a 2022 game – surprise! – already on sale, even though they barely had time to take root?

We’ve started our hunt for the best deals on summer sales, and below you’ll find our selection of the best deals on games released this year, deals under $25, deals under $10, and a handful of coveted deals under $25 $5 gem. In between all of this, you should be able to find something new to play with, or just what you’ve been waiting for at the right price.

Games released in 2022

Steam Summer Sale: $25 and under

Steam Summer Sale: $10 and Under

Steam Summer Sale: $5 and under

Steam Summer Sale: 9 Years’ Game of the Year Award Winner