The best fashion of “Destiny 2” will be showcased in an upcoming fashion magazine

Fashion is power Destiny 2, But players are not only interested in pure statistics. Of course, players want armor and other equipment that makes their characters stronger-but many players also value how good their appearance is.since destiny, Fashion players have been calling /r/DestinyFashion subreddit, Players share their best looks and how they got them-this process sometimes means a major ordeal.

Destiny 2 Developer Bungie clearly noticed the appeal of Fashion Guardian, and to commemorate this, it created a digital fashion magazine featuring the appearance of a game.Is called Thread of light, The magazine is to “celebrate [the] The creativity of the community and showcase the best Guardian fashion style,” Bungie said in a tweet about the magazine.

Bungie didn’t say much about Thread of light, Such as how players submit their guardian appearance or when the magazine will be published. We have contacted Bungie for more information. Currently, Destiny 2 Players are eager to share their best style: For more details, please check Bungie’s reply Thread of light Tweet, or go to the Destiny Fashion subreddit.

Fashion has always been the main attraction of video games: players want to customize their characters and express themselves in the virtual world as if they were meeting with friends. The major change in the past few years is that companies and brands have begun to notice this. In 2020, the brand approaches Animal Crossing: New Horizons Opportunity to release design in sliced ​​life video game- Two high-end fashion houses with More local e-sports brands.

This year, Rob Rox Players spent thousands of dollars to buy a rare digital Gucci bag, a small part The fashion industry of the game itself. Earlier this week, Fort night Itself-also known for its large collection of skins-announced a partnership with Balenciaga to provide digital and physical products. As far as Balenciaga is concerned, it seems to be particularly interested in exploring the digital world. Last year, this high-end fashion brand held its fall 2021 fashion show in a post-apocalyptic video game city.