The best game of the holiday

PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, PC

Many Yakuza games can find a place in this list, considering that most of them happen around the winter vacation, but Yakuza 5 tends to be the most oriented towards this aspect of settings and seasons. The Japanese gangster’s Christmas is great, but we will highlight a special part of the game here: Santa Hunter. It happens in Chapter 4, when you approach the entrance of a hiding place you are looking for, you will meet a person dressed as Santa Claus on the ground. You decide to help him by looking for Santa hunters, a group of people who beat Santa Claus. It sounds ridiculous and gangster-like. If you follow the instructions to change into Santa’s clothes and look for this group of people, you will know that Santa hunters may be a group of children who want gifts early. Saejima yelled at them, saying that they would receive gifts on Christmas Day, but this did not happen, so he fled. After a short chase, Saejima meets real Santa hunters-a group of criminals who like to beat Santa Claus because they don’t like holidays. Essentially, you have found the Grinch in the gangster universe. Although the famous story of Dr. Seuss made Grinch rampant and almost ruined the vacation, the island used some whirling kicks and a few solid suckers to stop the Grinch on their tracks. This is what we all wanted to do to Grinch when we first heard this story, right?