The best Halloween movies and TV shows you can play in October 2021

Admittedly, Halloween is one of the best times of the year. There are candy, costumes, and perhaps most importantly, everyone who doesn’t want to watch horror movies suddenly wants to watch horror movies.

Last year, Polygon launched a Halloween countdown, every night a movie or TV show suitable for Halloween will be shown. (So ​​if you need to watch 31 things as soon as possible, check out our horror recommendations from last month.) This year we continued this tradition, and the Polygon staff once again shared their favorite creepy streaming media.

Every day in October, we will add new recommendations in the countdown and tell you to dress to watch. From perennial horror classics to new contemporary horror films, creepy TV shows and Halloween specials, YouTube creepypasta series and horror short films, we have compiled a list of the best horror films that streaming media must provide. So curl up on the sofa, dim the lights, and get ready for the Halloween surprise. Come back every day to see if there is anything new to see.

October 1: Healed (1997)

Image: Janus Film Company

In Kurosawa Kiyoshi’s 1997 horror masterpiece, a Japanese detective named Takabe found himself in a seemingly unsolvable case cureThe case involved a series of unrelated victims whose bodies were found to have the letter X cut from the throat to the torso. In each individual case, the killer was found nearby, and there was no memory of the murder, and no hint of what might have motivated them, so that the higher authorities did not have a deeper understanding of how these were connected. The high-level partner, a psychiatrist, joked that maybe the devil made them do it. But Akira Kurosawa never gave us the comfort of accusing the supernatural, and in the end we encountered a mysterious character who easily belonged to the pantheon of movie murderers next to Hannibal Lecter.

Just like other Japanese horror movies in the late 1990s, cure It is not so much a horror story as it is a procedure and an investigation. It didn’t establish its horror brand in terrible moments, but Akira Kurosawa’s mastery of the horror genre is truly reflected in the creepy fear of the movie. His direction is still, quiet, and almost emotionless, slowly pulling us into a terrible and terrifying mystery, and he makes us feel almost real. In all these tensions, Kurosawa did not even provide a release valve for the end, but left us with one of the most disturbing climaxes in history.

There may be no demons or ghosts, but there is enough unforgettable fear cure Stay with you like an old nightmare. –Austin Gosling

4K reduction cure Currently playing In selected theaters And can be streamed Standard channel.

October 2: Wax Figure (1988)

In Waxwork, the werewolf showed blood-stained fangs at a little boy (1998)

Picture: Flashing Alley

No one will be impressed by the superb technology shown in the cheesy horror movie of 1988 Wax figure, It looks a bit like it was shot in a series of remaining scenes, alternately, a series of Hammer horror films and some old Ed Wood works. The performances are mostly amateurs, and some costumes are downright lively. Even so, just to show pure crazy imagination, and some truly wild things that you are unlikely to see in any other horror movie, it is worth seeing.

When a wax museum suddenly appeared in a small suburb where it was impossible to support the wax museum, a group of unhappy college students were attracted to come in. The horrible images of the museum, with werewolves, vampires, and more human monsters, are actually pocket dimensions that can attract people to murder them and harvest their souls for evil purposes.This is expressed as a series of miniature horror stories: one is a panting vampire corset tearer who feels like right mazeIf the Goblin King locks the prisoners in his kitchen, their legs are bitten off. The other is an in-depth adventure of kinking, in which a student falls into the hands of Marquis de Sade and realizes that she enjoys pain and does not want to attention to the Avengers‘Patrick McNeil, as the inevitable interpreter, explained the practical purpose of all these mini-adventures and continued to focus on the surprisingly explosive ending. All this is very chaotic, but compared with most horror movies of the 1980s, it is full of passion and a more subversive atmosphere of joy. —Tasha Robinson

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