The best Halo Infinite multiplayer skills I learned from watching TikTok

Since the launch of the free multiplayer game kit during the Xbox 20th Anniversary celebration last week, I have played a lot of Halo Infinite. Coincidentally, I have watched TikTok too much since then. This is a real problem I am dealing with now. Between cooking tutorials and cursing comedy sketches filling my “For You” page, I stumbled upon a few Halo Infinite multiplayer skills that have had a positive impact on my knowledge and skills.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving-and I am a generous person-I want to give back to the gaming community by sharing a curated list of the best videos I have watched while scrolling through the social media app this hell landscape of Doom.

Use Razorback to quickly win Stockpile competitions:

Stockpile is a goal-centric model introduced in Halo Infinite, requiring each team to fight for a limited number of energy seeds, and they must install these energy seeds in their base generators. This kind of large team battle mode is very busy, but a little teamwork is very helpful. My friends and I usually throw controversial deliverables on the map in a chaotic but humorous way, forming various assembly lines.However, Douyin users lord_shacks The focus is on a better strategy, which is to use the warthog’s turretless cousin, Razorback.

Change the default enemy outline color:

There are several options hidden in the depths of Infinite’s many menus, which can provide you with a competitive advantage. The first UI-related recommendation you should follow is to change the default outline color of the enemy player. Choose a bright color like yellow to better contrast the industrial tones of the game. Thanks for the great tip, Haylock.

Double jump with a repeller (you used the wrong one):

This is the original work by Alex Van Aken. After trying several games of Repulsor (a neglected gadget in Halo Infinite), I learned to use it to double jump to platforms that I couldn’t reach before. This technique is especially useful when playing Capture The Flag and Oddball on vertical maps like Aquarius and Bazaar.

When you see professional players using this strategy in the Halo Championship Series, please don’t forget me.

You can fire cinder bombs around the corner:

Insert your best “distortion bullet” joke here.Yelling Dexterous Shovel 7 Spicy tip.

Use Grappleshot to hijack the wasp and the banshee:

Grapleshot has always been the headline newsSurrounding Halo Infinite, this is a matter of course. Using gadgets focused on traversal is fun, because you can use it to swing above enemies, steal powerful weapons as they spawn, and even lock other Spartans to perform stylish melee killings.OhOne of my favorite ways to use Grappleshot is to hijack an oncoming vehicle; however, I did not perform as well as my friend Mr. Badass In this video.

Shoot the grenade station for a sneaky explosion:

If you have played Halo Infinite for any number of minutes, you will know that players are constantly throwing grenades on the map. Although overwhelming enemy Spartans with explosives is usually an acceptable way to kill, sometimes there are better ways. You can find grenade stations scattered in each arena in Infinite, and you can shoot them for remote detonation. 343 Industries also created a mythical medal to complete this stunt.

Well, I didn’t learn this technique from Tiktok. But I think my friend Jesse did it, and he told me about it, so it’s important.

Weapons to offset screen real estate:

Completing our list is another UI-related setting you should adjust.Douyin users tazamlive By adjusting the slider called “Weapon Offset”, a way to move the weapon to the corner of the screen was discovered. Thank God, when we use the M41 SPNKR rocket launcher, we can finally see what is in front of us.

I hope this carefully curated list of Halo Infinite multiplayer skills will serve you in future competitions.Please continue to pay attention to our Exclusive Report Center If you are looking for more information before the game is officially released. If you find one of TikToks particularly useful, be sure to follow the creator. Oh, and be sure to leave a comment below and let me know what you think about this innovative video game guide!