The best hidden object game on PC and mobile devices

Digital version Where is Waldo? or I spied, Also known as hidden object game, the mechanics are simple but dazzlingly complicated. The premise of finding objects hidden in crowded spaces can create visual puzzles from static pages; most of the work of playing hidden object games takes place on the eyes and brain.

In recent years, the types of hidden objects have begun to develop. The core gameplay—finding things in cluttered rooms—is moving in new directions: rich drama, surreal worlds, and even adventure games. Now is the best time to look for this type.

We have compiled a list of the best hidden object games you can play on all platforms (Windows PC, Mac, console and mobile devices).Some of them may not be considered traditional Hidden object games, but all these options share the basic premise of the genre.

Image: House of Fables/Artifex Mundi

Twilight: Slavic FablesProduced by the hidden object game giant Artifex Mundi, it is the purest type.Narrative Slavic Fables Naturally, with Slavic mythology as the center, these stories are used as the background of the gorgeous and complex world. There are also some simple puzzles accompanied by hidden object games.

Twilight: Slavic Fables Available for Android and iOS devices, Mac, Linux and Windows PC.

Two people standing in front of the dining car

Picture: Wu Yueqi

Created by independent developers, simple life It is a short free game, described as an “interactive city exploration game”. In a set of in-depth illustrations set in Shenzhen, China, players look for small interactions connected together to create intimate scenes-like a piece of paper that turns into a paper airplane, allowing the cat to pounce on it.

simple life It is free on

Dark clouded streets

Picture: Big Fish Studio/Big Fish Game

Drawing: Dark Flight It is another classic hidden object game, this time by the prolific publisher Big Fish Games. It is like a dark fairy tale, full of beautiful illustrations, making people stop and stare.

Drawing: Dark Flight Available for Android and iOS devices, Windows PC and Mac.

A man looks at a dog, there is also a cat on the roof

Picture: Johan Scherft/Second Labyrinth

Milo and the Magpie It is a gorgeous hand-drawn game by illustrator Johan Scherft. In short, this is a world I want to live in—help a curious gray cat named Milo find his way home. The game unfolds as Milo walks through various neighborhood gardens.

Milo and the Magpie It can be used on Mac and Windows PC.

The castle is full of people, and strange things are coming

Image: Darjeeling/Pixman

Labyrinth City: Labyrinth Detective Pierre, Created by the developer Darjeeling, looks a lot like Where is waldo?, but it is not a classic hidden object game. Part of the game is hidden objects and part is a puzzle maze; each scene is full of strange things and characters, there are many clicks and interactions, and there are many dead ends that make people fall into trouble. It’s simple-based on a children’s book-but there is still a lot of interesting exploration.

Labyrinth City: Labyrinth Detective Pierre Available on Android and iOS devices, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Windows PC.

Dense urban landscape

Image: Adriaan de Jongh, Sylvain Tegroeg

Hidden personReleased in 2017 by Adriaan de Jongh, it is the darling of indie games.The fascinating world drawn by illustrator Sylvain Tegroeg and it is pleasant to match Hidden person‘Stupid animations and sounds. Many things can be found in these chaotic black and white worlds.

Hidden person Available on Android and iOS devices, Nintendo Switch, Mac and Windows PC.

Some people gathered in front of the pediatric clinic

Image: Mojiken/Toge Productions

A game about love and letting go, When the past is around It’s more like a point-and-click adventure game with hidden object elements. It has a whimsical art style, which is easy to immerse people in and use charming music to create an atmosphere.

When the past is around Available on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Black and white cabin scene

Picture: What we made

Tom It is also an adventure game, centered on the in-game photo mode. But like a hidden object type game, Tom It’s a game about simply paying attention to the things in the world around you-of course, it’s amazing.

Tom It can be used on Nintendo Switch, Mac, PlayStation 5 and Windows PC.

The TV screen was knocked over

Picture: Aconite

Created by Fuzi, Hologram It is a strange and surreal world. In this world, you are an architect named Carmen, inspecting a mysterious and dreamy mansion. It plays in a unique way, adding alternative reality elements on top of the hidden object format on mobile devices.

Hologram It can be played on iOS devices through the App Store.

A psychedelic flower

Image: Dan Walters, Cherie Williams

More psychedelic than surreal, Form city Full of bright, brilliant art and playful stories. If you didn’t guess from the name, it’s about bugs—especially a grub that looks for perversions.

You can play Form city On a Windows PC.

Dim camp

Image: Acton Studio

like Hidden person, Fengfeng Described as a search game with cartoon drawings. When players experience a cute and interesting story, they will look for items in the world-such as hats, shoes and flashlights.

Fengfeng It can be used on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC.