The best indie games of 2021 selected by Game Informer


From the deadly crow to the rock star in space, this year has a series of shocking indie games. Some people have solved problems such as mental health. Some let us escape to a carefree world. They publish on every platform, star in large and small game demos, and even let us do it ourselves before launch.

But it’s not just the amazing variety that makes these titles interesting.It seems that this year, more independent developers than ever Game informantthe comment of. Did your favorite person get the highest score? Are there any wonderful experiences you missed? Check out our list of the highest-scoring indie games of 2021 below to find out.



A touching narrative adventure about life, and more importantly, the player can control death by blinking an eye and a webcam. | Our review

When you are fighting nightmares to improve your waking life, this game takes the phrase “sleep on it” very seriously. | Our review

Recall classic role-playing games, such as Homebound, Eastward. Follow two characters, John and Sam, on a journey to escape the suffocating underground life. | Our review

The world is falling into a terrible blight, and only a young priestess and her loyal knight can stop it in this Metroid-like Demon City title. | Our review

In FIST, you will be a rabbit with a heroic past and a large robotic arm, exploring and fighting in a detailed side-scrolling world. | Our review

In this roguelike game from the makers behind Pyre, Transistor, and Bastion, escape the depths of hell and the father in charge of it. | Our review

Knockout city

Since 3A sports games in 2021 rarely meet the standards, this fast-paced dodgeball game is likely to become one of the best games of this type this year. | Our review

Even if you can’t control the character, there are many things to do and explore, which will make you want to go through the cycle again. | Our review

Don’t let the pixelated art style make you fall into a false sense of security; the story of the warrior in this strange land has some evil battles. | Our review

Card building meets Latropolis’s city construction mechanism, and only the cute design of the rodent residents in the game is the most important. | Our review

In a space adventure colored with stunning visuals and shocking sounds, travel across the galaxy, define your identity and cry on your guitar. | Our review

The twin orphans Jenn and Tristan discovered that their adoptive father had been kidnapped and set out to rescue him and killed anyone on their way. | Our review



Although its coloring book aesthetics and painting goals may seem simple at first, Chicory actually delves into mental health. | Our review

Whether it is a conflict of weapons or a conflict of languages, you want to play your role in the Griftlands of deck building. | Our review

Admire the beauty of the desert as you walk on the beach, find your identity and help those around you. | Our review

Glide through the galaxy, destroy enemies and find a way to prevent your home from being swallowed by Ultravoid. | Our review

No two stories in Wildermyth are the same, so you can combine multiple characters at will and continue your adventure. | Our review



It is your job to harvest the soul as a crow, but what you have recently acquired has been robbed, and you must retrieve it to restore world order. | Our review

The ultimate version of developer ZA/UM’s award-winning RPG includes full voiceover and more story content. | Our review

Another this year’s best independent sports game, Dodgeball Academia is full of personality. | Our review

If you want to play some unexpected games, this mysterious card game should be directly on the top of your must-play list. | Our review

As the winner of The Game Award for the best independent award, Kena allows you to play the role of a spiritual guide to help the soul transition to the afterlife. | Our review

Diving into this cold sequel feels as good as the first one because it is well built on the formula of the original game. | Our review

If you find yourself in an ancient civilization, a wrong move means that everyone around you will undoubtedly die, what would you do? | Our review

Time is passing, and when you try to save everyone from becoming an unconscious killing machine, time is running out. | Our review



Need two

It Takes Two won this year’s Game of the Year award at TGAs, and it also won our best independent review score for 2021.Our review

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