The best milsim FPS just got its biggest update ever

team (opens in new tab), which is basically a tactical FPS for Battlefield and Logistics, is slowly growing. Nearly two years after leaving Early Access, the underrated military sim is still getting a ton of updates. The latest is update 3.0 amphibious assault (opens in new tab)which adds a new playable faction, weapons, amphibious vehicles and a coastal map to drive them all.

This is easily the biggest squad update in its history, and possibly the most flashy addition since the addition of helicopters in 2019. Accompanying the all-terrain vehicle is the faction of the US Marine Corps, who brought some new guns: the M16 and M27 assault rifles, the M38 DMR, M249 SAW and M240 machine guns, and the SMAW anti-tank rocket launcher.

It looks like developer Offworld Industries had to make some serious upgrades to its water, and until now it’s unnavigable for vehicles and looks wobbly for soldiers. As of 3.0, the map now features “fully modeled wave, buoyancy, and water drag physics for the vehicle”, and the soldier’s interaction with water has been redesigned. Moving in water now reduces movement speed and drains stamina based on depth, and as a nice detail, “Soldiers will raise their weapons over their heads when passing through chest-deep water.”

Update 3.0’s new map, Darkshore. (Image credit: Offworld Industries)

For most games, the ability to drive a jeep through a wading pool won’t be front-page news, but in a game where streamlined supply routes and smart base positioning are just as important as winning a shootout, the waterway will certainly add a new dimension to the Squad metagame . For example, a bridge that once served as a key choke point between two towns may now be less valuable because some haul trucks can go directly across river crossings.