The best new vision 2.0 villagers released early by Pocket Camp

Animal Crossing: New HorizonsThe 2.0 update will introduce 16 new villagers into the game.This morning, Nintendo revealed some personality types of these new villagers and pointed out that they have come to mobile games Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, Before they arrive New horizonsWith the announcement of these announcements, the villagers’ personalities were somewhat unexpected-Shino is a lively type, on the one hand-and were very excited about which of these villagers became the best new neighbors.

I am very happy because recruiting villagers has always been my favorite part.Although I like to see other gorgeous designs New horizons The player pointed out that I am not a designer myself. My island is named “Island” and my flag is a white square with a green dot in the middle (this is art, check it out). But what about recruiting my ideal villagers? Register for me. Of course, it took a lot of blood, sweat and tears related to Nook Miles (and maybe some amiibo), but I am willing to put in these work to get some of my favorite villagers, such as Marina, Roald (I’m basic) and Fauna.

So this is the ranking of these shiny powers New horizons 2.0 The villagers were declared Pocket Camp.


We all know and love Shino, the gorgeous deer that stole the limelight during Nintendo Direct.From the beautiful kimono to the devilish horns, Sinon-san has captured the hearts of countless people New horizons Players and inspired Your Fan art. According to Shino’s image in Pocket Camp’s tweets, she may seem “quiet” and “mysterious”, but she is actually a lively type trying to “be friends with everyone she meets”! I was already thinking that she would be the perfect neighbor of Fauna, my other lovely deer villager-I know that others also want her to settle on their island.

In addition, her birthday is Halloween! There is nothing cooler than this.


Sasha looks a bit like a red herring, and the school uniform jacket convinced fans that he might be an athlete. But this soft kid is lazy! ! He likes taking selfies! “He made the exact same face in the photo, but that doesn’t stop him from taking about a hundred pictures every day,” wrote the Sasha picture in the Pocket Camp tweet. Who can blame him for such a face? I mean to look at those puffy bangs, those white-pointed ears, and the little frowns that are pouting. In the sea of ​​other rabbit types, Sasha is easily the cutest.

What I want to say is that if I don’t recruit Sasha, I will pay a heavy price. I mean, in real life I even have two very lazy pet rabbits-this is really the end of the game for me.

Head robot

Some of us didn’t feel this mechanical octopus, yes, there was not much behind those eyes. And the smug type? But wow, I want him. I need to add him to Octopus Row, which is part of the neighborhood where all my octopuses live, and the resistance of Island.

I have recruited all three octopuses: Marina, Zucker and Octavian. Somehow, I didn’t use any tricks or buy any amiibo; the first two rely on luck, the third by straightforward persistence. I found Marina on the last ticket of Island Hopping Day, and basically screamed with joy (and relief). You bet I am adding Cephalobot to Octopus Row and I will do it without hesitation.


Wearing that starry shirt and celestial palette, Ione looks very suitable for some of Celeste’s starry night furniture. Some fans pointed out that she may seem to be an arrogant or lively type—perhaps comparable to Marshal or Peanuts—but Ione is a normal type! Although she looks quiet, according to the Ione image in Pocket Camp’s tweet, she apparently “will turn off your ears if you ask her about the constellation.” For those who like stargazing, have soft-themed islands, or want to add a cute new squirrel to the team, this sounds simple.

Petri dish

This arrogant little research mouse is a stealer. Look at her huge red and blue ears with 3D glasses as the theme! ! Look at that lab coat. The life and death of the arrogant type depends on the context-in the worst case, the arrogant villager can be very annoying and an automatic channel for me. But on woodland creatures or smaller villager types? Perfect. In addition, according to the Petri image in Pocket Camp’s tweet, Petri clearly won her arrogance because she will “stay in her lab for a few days at a time.”


This grumpy little man-he is a grumpy man-looks like the godfather hamster. Although it looks like he could survive the Tim Burton movie, or he could be selected as the pet of the Adams family, Marlowe definitely failed the atmosphere check. (He is wearing a tuxedo with no sleeves? Make it some kind of vest?) But this is not necessarily a bad thing. According to the Marlo image in the Pocket Camp tweet, this simply means that he has a certain sensitivity, because there are rumors that he runs “some kind of underground organization.”

Use this information to do what you want.


Not a fan favorite, perhaps thanks to a truly peculiar feature. This sports monkey obviously never takes off his shoes? ? The Tiansheng picture in Pocket Camp’s tweet pointed out that he “sticks to his shoes can help him run faster.” Honestly, is this possible? It’s not like we see other villagers wearing shoes, and players can’t give their other villagers’ shoes as gifts and expect them to wear them. Although his bottom has that kind of functional fashion, he wears something that looks like a golden headband. You might think of a sports band. The king of contradictions!This is honestly consistent with other ways New horizons Jocks is written, and their focus is to make swole above all else.


This stylish purple eagle is New horizons‘The latest sister type. She hasn’t really made waves yet—at least not yet.It’s not that Quinn has any dissatisfaction with her, it’s just that there’s nothing special about her for She is too. Although being hated is not really desirable, it can still make other villagers a popular choice for players who like to break the rules.

Where others are surprised by the names of certain types of villagers, most of us agree that Quinn is a good fit for her. According to Quinn’s image in Pocket Camp’s tweets, her “super cool style” and desire to maintain her “reputation” are all screaming sisters—the kind of villagers with the stupid aspiring qualities of older brothers and sisters.We all know that Sinon is Actually These new villagers become more fashionable. But this did not stop Quinn from trying.