The best new world weapons and weapon skill trees

If you want the best new world weapons, you are in luck, because Amazon’s MMO offers amazing flexibility in weapon selection and use.

This flexibility means that you can use almost any weapon regardless of your style, although some weapons are easier to recommend than others. li

The best weapons in the new world | Overview of the weapons in the new world

New World’s approach is slightly different from other MMOs. Technically speaking, you still have tanks, healing and DPS roles, but the equipment is mainly geared towards DPS and healing. In other words, you can even build therapists as defensive units or equip them with DPS-oriented weapons.

The new world also allows you to equip each character with two weapons, which is something we especially recommend to tanks and healers. This is a party-based MMO, but there will always be a time when your healer will explore alone, and the tank needs a reliable way to cause damage.

New World’s Best Weapon | New World S-Class Weapon

You can make any weapon or combination of weapons work according to the skills and enhancements you choose, but these are the first choices at the beginning of the new world.

The best weapon in the new world | Life Clerk

The rod of life will not cause much damage, but as the name suggests, it will keep you alive. The Staff of Life is the only healing weapon in the new world, and its healing and protector skill tree gives it amazing versatility.

Life Staff Skill Tree

In addition to enhancing your life recovery ability, the Healing Skill Tree also provides the ability to eliminate debuffs such as Holy Light Splash and Healing Touch.

The protector is a more active branch that combines healing with passive and active gains. The healing effect is slightly lower, but as a trade-off, you can get the AoE effect of the skill.

No matter what you choose, no matter what your ideal career is, we recommend using Life Staff with at least one other powerful weapon.

The best weapon in the new world | Axe

The axe is an ideal DPS weapon that can reward aggressive games and continuous attacks. Its heavy blows and charged attacks will cause major blows, but even a series of normal attacks will increase your damage percentage.

Axe skill tree

The skill tree of the axe is rage and throwing. Berserk mainly provides you with new attacks and enhanced damage, but it has two outstanding skills: Defy Death and Berserk. Defy Death lets you take a 50 HP fatal blow every 75 seconds, while Berserk increases your damage by 20% for 15 seconds.

The best weapons in the new world | Firefighters

The Fire Staff is one of the most powerful weapons in the new world, but not in the beginning. Before you start investing heavily in its skills, you need to pair the Fire Staff with another weapon, because its attacks rely on mana. This means you are defenseless when it runs out, but once you expand your mana pool, the fire staff is a powerful weapon.

Fireman Skill Tree

The skill trees of Fire Staff are slightly different from each other. Both revolve around expanding the effects of your fire spells, but the Fire Mage is almost entirely focused on DPS, and the Fire Mage provides some status and support options for the comprehensive wizard.

The best weapon in the new world | Great Axe

The great axe has a strong attack power and a wide range of influence, so it can be easily placed in the overlap between the DPS and the tank. This is a two-handed weapon that almost always hits more than one enemy at a time, and its two skill trees make it possible to build for any character.

Big Axe Skill Tree

The Grim Reaper is the choice of DPS. Its skills and passive skills increase damage, penetration, and movement speed, making it easier to reach enemies and quickly destroy them. There are even some self-repair skills that can reduce the pressure on the therapist.

Mauler also increases the attack potential of Great Axe, but it also brings some damage reduction and party buffs. It is very suitable for tanks, but it can also be used as a comprehensive and efficient skill tree for any character.

New World’s Best Weapon | New World Class A Weapon

A-level weapons rank slightly lower, but they are not much different. Skill diversity is usually the most significant difference, but all of these are still worth choosing.

The best weapon in the new world | Ice Gloves

Ice Gauntlet is a powerful DPS weapon. Compared with similar weapons, it is both versatile and slightly limited. It is a popular addition to Fire Staff, thanks in part to some skills that help restore mana.

Ice Glove Skill Tree
Ice Tempest is the most interesting skill tree in Gauntlet. Its skills include Ice Spike which continuously damages and Ice Storm which slows down the enemy. If you prefer a less “face-to-face” fighting style, you can choose this branch.

Builder focuses on long-range attacks and some buffs. Entombed is an excellent choice for tank or DPS occupations. It can temporarily protect from all damage and can be enhanced after the skill is over to provide long-lasting defense gains. The offensive potential of this tree is centered on the long-range ice tower attack, making it slightly insufficient in causing sustained damage.

The best weapon in the new world | Sword and Shield

Swords and shields are classic omnipotent weapons, each version has something, but nothing is particularly noticeable. Your skill tree is also less flexible. Prioritizing one build means giving up the potential of another build. Although this sounds boring, it makes the sword and shield a perfect beginner’s choice.

Sword and Shield Skill Tree

Juggernaut is purely a DPS branch, while enhancing the sword and shield attack ability, it is also very standard. You can acquire some high-damage skills, such as reverse stab, a slight buff to party attacks, and jumping attacks suitable for long-range coverage.

The defender gave up the DPS potential, but it is a reliable choice for tanks. Shield Bash will stun and taunt the enemy, while Final Stand will reduce the damage taken and apply taunting effects in a larger area.

The best weapon in the new world | spear

The spear is another solid weapon choice, although a little less inspiring. Its skill tree adds a variety of effects to your attacks, including knockdowns and slowdowns, as well as passives that help take advantage of the pain you impose.

Spear Skill Tree

Zoner has something to suit any style. Javelin is a long-range attack, Sweep will knock down the enemy, and Cyclone will slow down in a short time. Impaler pays more attention to DPS. Attacks will increase bleeding and stun effects, and cause heavier damage than Zoner skills.

New World’s Best Weapon | New World Class B Weapon

These are still convenient weapons, but there are fewer types of skills or serious shortcomings.

The best weapon in the new world | Warhammer

Warhammer is slow and heavy, which makes it difficult to use in PvP, but it is very suitable for tanks. No matter what you choose, you will want to use it with a more versatile weapon to avoid being overwhelmed and defeated.

Warhammer Skill Tree

Warhammer has two different trees. Domination has tank potential, but it is mainly concentrated in large areas to cause high damage. The disadvantage is that, like a regular warhammer attack, you move very slowly during this process. Crowd Crusher is Hammer’s best skill tree, with great potential for powerful attacks and movement, and can also enhance your character. This is a must-have for tanks.

The best weapon in the new world | Shotgun

If you have a good target, the rifle is likely to be ranked higher in the rank list. Headshots are as deadly as you think, but once you start investing in its skill tree, even body shots can cause serious damage. The catcher tree also provides a more unique way of fighting than other weapons.

Musketeer skill tree

If you want a more traditional DPS-oriented approach, Sharpshooter is a good choice because its skills can enhance your firepower and reward good aiming. Trapper allows you to create an unpredictable musketeer, combining powerful shooting with deadly bombs and traps to cause sustained damage based on deadly effects.

New World’s Best Weapon | New World Class C Weapon

These remaining weapons do not provide much variety or practicality, we only recommend them as secondary weapons.

The best weapon in the new world | Rapier

The rapier is a limited sword and is best suited for more flexible weapons, although it is certainly not our first choice.

Sword Skill Tree

Although it is called the blood tree, the blood tree has only one skill that can cause bleeding, and the attack power of other skills is less than 100%. Grace includes some fancy-looking skills, such as Fleche and Riposte, but apart from looking pretty, they have little value.

The best weapon in the new world | bow

The bow is a cheap rifle, which is obviously not so fun to use. It works well, but most of its skills are essentially variations on the same theme. Bow users should use it with more dynamic weapons, preferably weapons with crowd control skills.

Bow Skill Tree

Skirmishers are a bit lackluster, although the poison arrow effect is helpful in most situations with fewer enemies. Hunters have better damage potential, especially penetrating arrows, but compared to other weapons in the new world, it is still limited.

You can use most weapons in the new world, but if you want to delve into factional warfare, you will need to prioritize the best weapons and the most useful skills. If you are still used to how Amazon MMO works, check out our overview to learn where to find rare items such as Fae Iron, Saltpeter, and Petal Cap. Some of the bosses you will encounter during the mission are not the easiest to find, including Sailor Captain Ambrose.