The best role we have done in the shadows is Colin Robinson

Living in the United States means getting angry often. Although this feeling is not unique to the United States, life in this country seems to be easily annoying in a way unique to the United States. Consider our most entrenched institutions: private health insurance, Internet service providers, Congress, Fort night Battle Pass-Layers of forced bureaucracy complicate what should be a fairly simple task. Dozens of small things are constantly waiting, which will consume your enthusiasm at every turn, just like a vampire. A very different kind of vampire, but still a terrible vampire.

FX comedy What are we doing in the shadows It is not just a television adaptation of a movie, it is an adaptation of New Zealand’s works by the United States. Although the premise of the show—a group of vampire roommates trying to enjoy modern life while being trapped in their ancient and blood-sucking ways—is the same, the series follows a different new character from the 2014 movie. In the first few episodes, it is very similar to the movie, but with one big exception: Colin Robinson (Mark Proksch), this is its most annoying role, and also the best one.

Colin Robinson (his full name should always be used) is an invention unique to the TV version shadow. As an “energy vampire”, Colin Robinson has no fangs, nor does he drink blood. Instead, he consumes the vitality of others by simply using bad jokes, long verbal abuse that no one cares about, and a superhuman lack of urgency for everything. Anything a person can do that makes your eyes dull is his specialty, and once they do, he will be fed.

At first, Colin Robinson was called the best character What are we doing in the shadows It may seem far-fetched-especially because he is actually annoying. He likes to chat in the office and happily talk about smooth motion on TV, almost exclusively for those who don’t care about it. This comedy comes from his abilities and the way other characters keep making mistakes. This is a great opportunity to be sucked up by Colin. Watching super clips of his pranks is absolutely maddening.

What are we doing in the shadows Using Colin Robinson as a condiment wisely in the first two seasons, a bit of a comedy contrasts with the antics of his roommate: the wild Laszlo (Matt Berry), his wife Naja (Natasia Demi) Tru), their little leader Nando (Kevan) Novak) and their familiar pet Guillermo (Harvey Gillen). A very clever show, shadow It acts as if each season does not tell a general story-most episodes are completely independent-but it always does. What are we doing in the shadows Yes always World building (season 1 finally revealed the entire vampire committee), and always joking (Wesley Snipes was involved because he was in Blade). In the recently concluded third season, this main line is all about Colin Robinson.

At the beginning of the season, Colin Robinson was curious about his origin-as an invention of the show, different from the typical vampire metaphor What are we doing in the shadows Imitation, the audience has no frame of reference for the legend of the energy vampire. It turned out that it was because the characters did not know, so every once in a while, they would try to find out more. They never got any real answers, but they did learn something surprising: Colin Robinson was dying.

In this sudden turn, the screenwriters of the third season What are we doing in the shadows Being able to remix an interesting relationship-it’s hard to mourn for a roommate you don’t like-and emphasize that may be the sharpest point of the show.

Photo: Lars Martin/FX

It’s easy to forget this because they are all idiots, but this is a show about monsters. Nadja, Laszlo, and Nandor are all vampires of the old world, and ancient horrors from abroad settled on Staten Island. Most of their jokes are classic fish comedies. Nandor is a former warlord who adapts to family life, Laszlo is an eclectic slutty, Nadja adapts to the supernatural in an unusual way, making everyone’s life even stranger. However, Colin Robinson is a newer, simpler creature that Americans are used to. He is the embodiment of passive aggressive hostility, the most meaningful person in a place, as the old joke says, the hospitalization costs are enough to get you back to the hospital. Terrible things happen when direct handling of uncomfortable things is forbidden, and the way we hurt or uncomfortable others is named. His vampire is an arbitrary right and selfishness, which has caused serious damage to the ability of those around him to understand peace.

Colin Robinson is very interesting when you know what he is doing with him in the room. But when you don’t? This is what makes energy vampires the perfect scary monster: they can be any of us, ready to run out at any time. This is the true power of annoyance: it makes everything impossible—whether it’s health insurance, the government, or even a bunch of work emails. So here, in the United States, we do nothing.

What we do in the shadows is currently being streamed via FX on Hulu.