The best Sims 4 expansion pack

The Sims 4 There are many downloadable content, including expansion packs, game packs, data packs, and the most recent kits. These are paid packages that add a lot of new content to the game, whether it’s the ability to put a hot tub in the yard or add magic and spells.our The Sims 4 According to Polygon’s biggest Sims fan, the DLC guide details the best expansion packs, game packs, and information packs.

The Sims 4 DLC, explanation and pricing

Expansion packs usually add new game systems, such as seasons or the ability to own a retail store, as well as a large number of hairstyles, clothing, and furniture.They spend 39.99 USD.

Game pack Smaller than expansion packs, but they can also add magic and other systems. They also include hairstyles, clothes and furniture, but much less than expansion packs.Game pack cost $19.99.

Stuff bag Even smaller, usually only a small amount of hairstyles, clothes, and furniture.Stuff package cost 9.99 USD.

Kit It is even smaller than Stuff Packs and contains only a few items, some of which add a new small mechanism to the game, such as vacuuming.The kit is 4.99 USD.

Below we will discuss our favorite expansion packs, game packs and stuff packs, which add our favorite elements to The Sims 4Of course, you don’t need all (or any) of these to play the game, but these are our favorites.

The Sims 4: City Life Expansion Pack

I don’t know why, but apartment and city-themed Sims packs have always been my favorites (**向 The Sims 2: Apartment Life, My beloved off-road vehicle**). I like to have NPC Sims live near my own Sims, and I like the immersion of making the world directly available for interaction-my Sims can wake up in the morning and order a cup of coffee at the stall just like me!

urban life A series of unique neighborhoods have been added to the metropolis of San Myshuno, each with its own aesthetics and quirks, as well as some cool furniture and clothes. You can also participate in Sim Comic-Con, which I think is very interesting. -Petrana Radulovic

The Sims 4: City Life

The price at the time of publication.

Add apartments and festivals to your game The Sims 4: City Life.

The Sims 4: Cat and Dog Expansion Pack

The ability to give your Sims pet is a game changer (literally), thanks to Cat and dog. It is fun to add animals to your family, it may be something that your Sim family is missing. The beautiful Cape Town Brindleton Bay (Brindleton Bay) is also popular.

Although the game is technically limited to cats and dogs, if you want something more spicy, there is a fox in the dog breed and a raccoon in the cat breed. -Julia Lee

The Sims 4: Cat and Dog

The price at the time of publication.

Give your Sims a furry friend or two The Sims 4: Cat and Dog.

The Sims 4: Four Seasons Expansion Pack

In addition to adding a nominal season to the game, four seasons The expansion pack adds many interesting plants and holidays. Changes in temperature and seasons also provide you with an excuse to put your Sim in a variety of outfits, rather than just changing them from professional outfits to ordinary outfits every day. — Jaylen

The Sims 4: Four Seasons

The price at the time of publication.

Add holiday and seasonal fun to your game The Sims 4: Four Seasons.

The Sims 4: Cabin Life Expansion Pack

No more comfortable expansion pack The Sims 4 Compare Cabin life. It pulls out the best part The Sims 4 And make them better. There are more animals to pet and make friends, such as cows, foxes and chickens. Gardening has expanded, and I can do more than just take care of my flowers. I can grow pumpkins and other vegetables and share the joy with a new community in Henford-on-Bagley.

Cabin life Also did some things that other expansion packs failed to do for me.Mainly I play The Sims 4 As a builder, I rarely let the homes and houses I build appear in the form of stories in the game.But in Cabin life, The community element of the game adds some structure The Sims 4 This makes the gameplay as approachable as the architecture. I want to explore the world, pick mushrooms and meet local people as a way to complete given tasks and side tasks.Small favor Cabin life Don’t overwhelm the game with structures or instructions—they are easily overlooked, if this is your request—but create enough wireframes in Minecraft to make me want to be more involved.

Focus on construction, Cabin life There are just a lot of cute things that can be added to the home. Who doesn’t like cottagecore cottages? — Nicole Carpenter

The Sims 4: Vampire Game Pack

I am a supernatural fool, and The Sims 4: Vampire Provide spades. Vampire Sims have a series of unique abilities that make them better, stronger, and scarier than other Sims. The trade-off is that they need plasma, which is most easily obtained by staring in a daze and drinking from their friends and neighbors. Add a series of interesting theatrical makeup, gargoyles and other unforgettable props to stay around your vampire mansion, this is a solid package.

Supernatural Sims are always wonderful, vampires have some very cool powers that they can unlock over time. Manipulate the emotions of people around, or simply send it to work. Each vampire also has a dark form, which is twice the costume of each Sim’s doll. This is a successful formula, and it will only get better when combined with other DLCs. — Cass Marshall

The Sims 4: Vampire

The price at the time of publication.

Add vampires and supernatural elements to your The Sims 4 The world of this game pack.

The Sims 4: Parenting Game Pack

I have recorded how much I hate raising toddlers in the U.S. The Sims 4,but Parenthood Packing makes the whole process… I dare say, enjoy it? Parents have added a lot of cute items centered on family and children. As a Sims player who likes to reproduce realism rather than go on funky supernatural adventures (don’t get me wrong-I still like funky supernatural adventures), a bag with extra realism oomf always suits me.

Parenthood Some cute specific things are really added, such as the stages the kids go through, family projects, and a small family memo board to set a curfew! It was this kind of Sims that made me truly fall in love with The Sims. — PR

The Sims 4: Being a Parent

The price at the time of publication.

Raise children and create a complete family to use The Sims 4: Being a Parent Game pack.

The Sims 4: Life Kit

This is the only package that really makes me like. The Sims 4: Tiny Daily Necessities Allows you to build a micro-house, which is a special type of residential area, if you can make it small enough, you can enjoy an additional allowance. It also includes many space-saving items such as Murphy beds and bookshelves for TVs. — Jalen

The Sims 4: Tiny Daily Necessities

The price at the time of publication.

Use it to add a Murphy bed and storage solution to your tiny house The Sims 4 Stuff package.

The Sims 4: Beautiful Knitted Material Pack

The Sims 4of Beautiful knitted material bag It is one of the essential things for me-I hope my Sims can do what I like to do. For Sim, this is a perfect hobby because it is a way to pass time and gain skills, but it is also another way to make money in the game. (Sims can sell their knitting items in an Esty-like store called Plopsy.) When it came out in July 2020, I was also impressed with the knitting animation in the game; as we all know, knitting is difficult in the media Do it.

While weaving, Stuff bag I also added that, in short, a lot of comfortable things-yarn balls, crochet hooks and embroidered decorations, and a lot of knitted sweaters. — CNC