The best tabletop RPGs are sold online, but not on Amazon

Dungeons & Dragons has long been the standard for table talks with friends. But as another epic campaign nears its end, one of your friends will inevitably say:

Of course, you can play medieval fantasy forever, but there are many other genres and systems to explore. Nowadays, you’re not limited to games that you vaguely know already exist, or to selections at friendly local game stores. The whole world of tabletop RPGs is in your hands and is now available for download online.

Think of this as a guide to getting out of the secluded road and finding a new TTRPG for your next campaign.

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One bookshelf Drive-through RPG Boasts almost every major desktop game you want. DriveThru has a wide selection of tabletop games, from the industry’s largest names to smaller publishers and indie publishers. It’s also very comfortable to browse, as you can sort by game system, publisher, product type, and even genre.

If you’re a big enough publisher, their game may already be in DriveThru. Start with one of the publishers you know. Probably Modificus (Star Trek Adventure, Empire dunes adventure), Fantasy flight game (Star Wars Edge of the Empire, Legend of the Five Ring 5th Edition), Or Chaosium (Call of Cthulhu, Pendragon) – Dive into the tags where the game is listed. There are many treasures on the surface, but below that there are many more treasures.

If you always want to find a new RPG to play, sign up for that site and check out DriveThru’s daily deal emails. Another option is best seller Category. DriveThru has always led me to fascinating discoveries and great games that I couldn’t find otherwise.

4 games to try from DriveThruRPG:

Obviously simplified, but Indie Press Revolution It is very similar to DriveThru in terms of organization. You can also find many games for sale on both sites. IPR stands out, as the name implies. IPR is intended for small publishers and indie tabletop developers only.

This does not mean that the layout is not very specialized. In my opinion, the list of IPRs is much cleaner than DriveThru when it comes to browsing. The categories available for search have been significantly expanded and tweaked. The genre is more specific and the list of common systems to sort by includes new options compared to DriveThru’s products. IPR has an excellent library of unique and unexpected games, thanks to the spotlight on small publishers. If you want to dive deeper into the games out there, IPR is exactly where you should go.

Try 4 games from Indie Press Revolution:

Roll 20 Is almost certainly well-known as the standard for playing tabletop games online using a built-in battle map, also known as a virtual tabletop. Competitors include platforms such as Foundry VTT and Astral TableTop, but many groups playing online pledge to Roll20 for D & D. Pathfinder, Or Cthulhu mythos game. Roll20 also sells many other games. The selection of core rulebooks is not extensive and most of what you buy is only available on Roll20. However, some great small games are hidden between the more popular titles.

Roll20 provides with these games all the resources needed to run the game on the Roll20 platform, including maps, tokens, and digital character sheets. If you’re an avid Roll20 user looking for a new game, check out their marketplace to make it easy to move to yourself or your group.

4 games from Roll20:

RPG kitchen Offers a fresh new way to try out desktop games before promising a full purchase. The concept is a simple rental service that gives you a feel for the game before you bring it into the group. The RPG Kitchen gives you access to a fully published and complete core rulebook. There are no guesswork rules and no early access to the unfinished version. You have everything you need to determine if the game is right for you.

Rent a game is much cheaper than buying it. The rental lasts for a month and the rental fee will be deducted from the overall price when you finally purchase the game. Rental PDFs can only be accessed from the RPG Kitchen website. If you like games but can’t afford to make big purchases, you can rent them several times at any time and steadily reduce prices.

The RPG kitchen store has just opened recently and is still in alpha, so options are quite limited at this time. Nevertheless, some really great things are offered.

4 RPG Kitchen Games:

Itchiio It is the last item on our list and is a deep representative of our hobbies. In addition to being a large hub for indie video games, is now the center of modern renaissance for indie TTRPGs.

However, keep in mind that the switch is exactly the Wild West. Every complex game with hundreds of pages sits next to other games that fit on your index card. You’ll find remixes of existing systems and games created entirely from scratch. If you’ve ever asked yourself how it feels to play a game set of your favorite genre, has a game that will answer your prayers.

Unfortunately, there is currently no system for efficiently browsing games on Itch, but you can scroll through the time to find what you worship on the platform. As you start looking, you may find some new games that you will be hooked on.

4 games on to try: