The best vehicle for Far Cry 6 is this thing

If you play “Far Cry 6”, you will hear a lot of world “parsers”. On Yarra Island, it basically means “do it yourself”. DIY. Yarra’s guerrilla fighters do not have the modern equipment that the army has, so they must be creative to turn motorcycle engines into Gatling guns and CD players into deadly CD launchers.

The parser principle is also extended to vehicles, including a vehicle called Avispa Buzzer. When I stumbled upon it, I didn’t know what it was—it had several fan blade engines, two cheap-looking seats, a car battery, and some that looked like repurposed air tanks. Sled-but it quickly became my favorite mode of transportation. I like it better than helicopters, boats and horses, because Avispa Buzzer is basically a combination of the three.