The best Warzone assault rifle in power, accuracy and speed

Assault rifles are the most popular weapons in Call of Duty War Zone For a reason, and The best war zone assault rifle You can easily clear the field.

Despite the recoil problem, it’s fast, deadly and reliable. Even better, Raven regularly adjusts his statistics so that previously unplayable rifles can get a chance in the metagame. Our Warzone assault rifle list has the perfect choice for any situation, including the new C58 assault rifle.

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Warzone Best Assault Rifle: FARA 83

The Season 3 update raised FARA 83, making it a strong candidate for the best assault rifle in the Warzone. The buff has lowered the maximum damage limit, but has reduced the recoil of the FARA 83 and increased the damage and damage range. The FARA 83 is already good at long distances and proper attachment settings build it further.

How to unlock FARA 83 in Warzone

With the Season 2 Battle Pass gone, the only way to unlock FARA 83 is to get two headshot kills in 15 different matches.

The best FARA 83 attachment

The best FARA 83 attachment in the war zone
Attachment type Attachment name
Barrel 16.7 inch Spetsnaz RPK barrel
muzzle Muzzle break 5.65
Under barrel Field agent grip
ammunition Spetsnaz 60 Rnd
Optics Axial arm x3

Our FARA setup reduces recoil and further increases the damage range. The Axial Arms 3x has the problem of glittering when the zoom is closer, but it is more reliable than the SUSAT multi-zoom.

Warzone Best Assault Rifle Runner-up: CR 56 AMAX

Even after two big geeks, the CR 56A MAX is still one of the best assault rifles. Raven has reduced the damage multiplier that made the CR 56 extremely deadly, but the damage range remains the same. If anything, you don’t have to worry too much about recoil, as you have a little extra accuracy.

How to unlock CR56 in Warzone

To unlock the CR 56, you need to get 3 gun bat kills in an assault rifle in 10 different matches.

Best CR56AMAX attachment

The CR 56 AMAX build uses a monolithic suppressor to stay hidden and add very necessary additional ammo while setting long shots.

The best CR56 attachment in the war zone
Attachment type Attachment type
muzzle Monolithic suppressor
ammunition 45 Rnds
Barrel XRK Zodiac S440
Under barrel Commando foregrip
Optics VLK3.0x optic

Warzone Best Assault Rifle for Power: Cold War AK 47

The Cold War AK47 is more viable than ever, thanks to the Season 3 recoil reduction buff. This has always been one of the strongest assault rifles, but due to the large recoil, the chance to actually land the required shot was 50/50. Recoil is still a small issue, but nothing a good build can handle.

However, the recoil is less important at close range. The AK47 is actually one of the best guns for spraying. So, although you might make another choice on the primary, the Cold War AK is a good companion to almost any long-range weapon.

How to unlock CWAK47 in Warzone

This is available fairly quickly as it will be unlocked at level 7.

Best AK47 attachment

This setup is an intermediate approach to the AK 47. This improves stability and range, hides on the map, and most importantly adds ammo. You will need it. As mentioned earlier, you can also specify a weapon for mobility and actually turn it into a short-range monster.

The best CWAK47 attachment in Warzone
Attachment type given names
stock KGB Skeletal Stock
Barrel 20 inch Spetsnaz RPK
ammunition 45 rounds
muzzle GRU suppressor
Optics Axial arm 3x

Best assault rifle for Warzone accuracy: Krig 6

The Krig 6 is another rifle that struggled with meta before Season 3. However, recent buffs have resulted in much better damage output. Combined with already powerful precision and speed, these are convenient choices when larger and more clumsy rifles are not suitable for you.

How to unlock Krig 6 in Warzone

Reach level 16 in the war zone and unlock Crig 6.

The best Krig6 attachment

Krig 6 can be played in several ways, but this build maximizes accuracy by increasing ammo, range, and damage.

The best Krig6 attachment in Warzone
Attachment type given names
Barrel 19.7 inch ranger
ammunition STANAG 60 Rnd
Optics Axial arm x3
muzzle Agency suppressor
Under barrel Field agent grip

Best assault rifle in the Warzone range: C58

The C58 is a new weapon introduced in Season 4 and is not suitable for beginners. It’s accurate and wide-ranging, but the firing speed is much slower than the corresponding one. However, with the correct use of the C58, the damage rate is high and it is worth the investment.

How to unlock C58 in Warzone

Reach level 15 of this season’s Battle Pass to unlock the C58.

Best C58 attachment

Our C58 setup is fairly standard for assault rifles, but is designed to increase damage range and accuracy, so it counts the number of landings.

The best C58 attachment in the war zone
Attachment type given names
Barrel 18.7 “Ranger
ammunition STANAG 55 Rnd
Optics Axial arm 3x
Under barrel Field agent grip
muzzle Agency suppressor

That’s it for the best list of Warzone assault rifles. However, if you’re looking for the best Warzone loadout, we have a list. In the meantime, check out other Warzone coverage, including: