The best Warzone Grav mount

Look for Best Theater Gravity Loading? As always, with the advent of the new season, new guns will follow. To get this game, you need to reach level 31 in the Season 6 Battle Pass, but don’t worry: if you don’t mind, it’s completely free. This is also worth a try. The bullet speed on the Grav is impressive, allowing you to fiddle with your accessories a bit.

However, it is not a high-range weapon. In contrast, Grav works better in the near-medium range. Unlike some of the previous additions in the Warzone arsenal, Grav does not completely split the metadata in two.However, this will be a very reliable backup option Card 98k, Switzerland K31, Or any sniper of your choice.So here is The best Grav mount for Warzone.

The best sniper supports Grav Warzone loading