The best way to defeat Dark Souls is with a group of people

It’s hard for me to finish any games these days. In this line of work, writers often have to juggle between cool and trendy to keep up with trends, which means some games are sadly left behind. But if there’s one title that haunts your playlist, it’s Dark Souls, isn’t it?this is only “The Ultimate Game Ever” after all.

I originally started working on Dark Souls in 2020. I joked about putting it on stream, and my audience collectively urged me to give it a try. Because it’s one of the gaming staples I agree with. I put it on, stream it live, and… despise it.

Calling Dark Souls “hard” doesn’t help its reputation. Granted, it’s ruthless, but for the most part, I think the game is fair. Almost every time I die, I calmly accept that it was my fault (excluding the Capra Demon). The world has specific rules, and as long as you follow them, you win.However, learning these rules at the beginning sucks, and it takes 20 hours before you feel like you’re playing a game when the game isn’t you.

(Image credit: Bandai Namco/FromSoftware)

I trudged as hard as I could, escaping ghosts with a scythe in hand, getting terrified by the undead around the corner, and, of course, dying many times. All enthusiasm for the game was emptied by the time I got halfway through the notoriously grim Blighttown, where I spent my time on adventures in Dark Souls. I’ve seen enough. I get it, it’s dark and disgusting and everything wants to kill me. I couldn’t let myself go through the peculiar pain of it any longer. I closed the game and put it on my virtual Steam shelf, but I’ve been afraid to uninstall it.

But last November, a year after putting it down, something struck me. I need to finish Dark Souls. like itching. A burning building needs to finish what I started. What really got me through my second try was a community that loves FromSoftware’s work.

Blight Town

(Image source: from software)

A year later, as I sit by the flickering campfire, surrounded by the bones of Blight, I forgot the controls, or even what I was doing in this horrific place. This adventure is different because I’m laughing. Every death is either a lesson in what not to do or an act so stupid that I can’t stop laughing. In turn, my audience was more determined to steer me in the right direction and make sure I finished the game. Or at least go to Ornstein and Small.