The biggest patch of Battlefield 2042 has many popular fixes here

DICE has launched a new update Battlefield 2042 On all platforms, one week after the release of a smaller patch, to solve the problem of weapon explosion and hovercraft balance. However, unlike that, today’s patch is much larger.

This is true for its download size (ranging from 5.5GB to 7GB depending on the platform) and its content. The patch includes a lot of fixes, new features, balance adjustments, and even some new content.

Patch notes, you can read it yourself On the blog, Is too much to be included here, so we will pick the most relevant from the highlights below.

Battlefield 2042 update 0.3.0 highlights

New content

“Battlefield 2042” gets weekly missions. Three of them will be online every week, and each will reward XP upon completion. If you complete all three tasks in any week, you will get a unique decoration. You will be able to track the progress through the main menu.

“Battlefield Portal” now provides a new layout for Rush in all total war maps in the game. You can also get more templates in Builder, including vehicle TDM templates. The portal rule editor itself is getting some new updates, checking the source of fatal damage to players in the form of new logic options.


The bulky CommoRose has undergone many repairs. It now reacts faster and will not show inactive targets in breakthroughs. It also shows the targets you can mark.

The Plus menu has also been updated to improve the customization experience. During the conquest, information spam on the gains/losses of relevant departments has been watered down.

In terms of game modes, Breakthrough has a long list of fixes, including new capture times, improved defender generation algorithms, and the addition of new game mode widgets to help you better track the progress of the game. The new widget is located in the scoreboard and it also shows the elapsed game time. The UI will even highlight major events such as the attacker’s ticket reaching 25% and reaching the last sector.

There have been several updates to the game world, which cover the lack of effects for late players and various instances of out-of-sync on the game map. Interactive prompts throughout the game will now explain what they did, not just show “interaction”. The list also expanded to destroy audio improvements, as well as better sandstorm audio.


Another set of exciting changes comes from the game’s HUD. Now, you will see that players within 50m can resurrect you, and when one of the players pings your corpse to indicate that they are coming to resurrection, you will be notified. Now, you can also correctly see if you are surrounded by teammates while waiting for the resurrection.

When ammunition or health is insufficient, the game will tell you which teammates nearby can supply you. To put more emphasis on teamwork, you will know who healed you/recharged you.

The other major fix involves icon confusion in the 3D world. The icons will now scale with distance, so your screen won’t be blocked by a bunch of icons too often. Friendly player icons can now also be properly hidden behind walls to further reduce confusion.

This update adds an option to make the fire mode icon always visible, even if the weapon does not support changing the fire mode. Generally speaking, it should be easier to identify friend or foe after the update without causing more UI confusion.


This update may not be able to solve the weak audio problem of Battlefield 2042, but DICE is making some welcome changes to the game’s soundscape. The off-screen sounds should be played more consistently, including resurrection, flares, wing suits, and parachute effects.

When you are hit, the sound of gunfire will be easier to recognize. There is also a long list of new and updated sounds that affect many actions-including updating vehicle sounds to make them easier to recognize and more immersive driving.

Quality of Life

The animation culling of soldiers in the distance displayed with low-quality animation has been relaxed to reduce these situations. This update made a lot of adjustments to the soldier’s animation, such as the leg posture when swimming, sliding, falling, and prone posture in some cases.

The favorites screen is the recipient of another major update. Now you can move and customize your weapons with fewer clicks, including the Plus menu. The screen will correctly show which accessory is unlocked and which is in use.

Generally speaking, you can expect a smoother transition between different game menus overall.


DICE said that more than 150 repairs have been made to the game map, including geometric repairs, adjusting the position where the player is stuck, generation logic, visual glitches, collisions with walls and other objects, and audio in certain areas of the map.

There is also a long list of expert balance adjustments, which you can see in the link above.

We expect that in the next few days, a patch smaller than Update 3 may be released next week. It will bring more bug fixes and make some balance adjustments not included in today’s patch.